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Definition: (adjective) Extremely or hopelessly bad or severe.
Synonyms: dreadful, terrible, awful, appalling, dismal, dire, ghastly, hideous, atrocious, godawful
Usage: We have been having abysmal weather lately, but the Sun is finally expected to make an appearance next week! Discuss.


Jet Stream Shift Could Influence Weather Patterns

Weather patterns around the globe appear to be changing, and in North America and Northern Europe thejet stream may at least be partly to blame. The jet stream—a high-speed, meandering wind current—over these continents has become wavier in recent decades, resulting in longer periods of the same weather.Meteorologists speculate that warmer temperatures in the Arctic could be to blame, as the jet stream is fueled in part by the temperature differential between the Arctic and middle latitudesMore… Discuss


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Forecasting from One’s Bones

Anecdotal evidence points to a link between weather conditions and body aches; however, the medical community has yet to reach a consensus on the issue since studies have yielded mixed results. Data from one recent study suggest that increased humidity andbarometric pressure exacerbate joint pain and stiffness. For every 10% increase in humidity, osteoarthritissufferers experienced a 1-point increase in pain on the Western Ontario and McMasters University Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC). Similarly, for every 10-hectopascal increase in barometric pressure, WOMAC function scores worsened by a point. These effects are considered only moderate and not clinically significant. More… Discuss


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EXTRA! Extra!: US weather in pictures: polar vortex freezes faces

Greg Rohde has an ice and snow encrusted beard

US weather in pictures: polar vortex freezes faces (click to access the 12 more photos at “The Telegraph)


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This Day in the Yesteryear: THE GREAT BLUE NORTHER (1911)

The Great Blue Norther (1911)

The central US is no stranger to sudden changes in weather, but the temperature fluctuations and weather phenomena that struck on November 11, 1911, were about as unusual as it gets. On that day, many cities experienced record high temperatures before the mercury plummeted to record lows. Springfield, Missouri, for example, was a balmy 80°F (27°C) before the cold front passing through the region brought it down to a frigid 13°F (-11°C). What else did the front bring with it? More…Discuss


Lenárd conducts Glazunov – The Seasons” (complete ballet)

Ondrej Lenárd conducts the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra.

About the composer: – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexande…

About the ballet: – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Seas…)

Four Variations – begins 2:14
Frost – 3:38
Ice – 4:39
Hail – 5:55
Snow – 6:48
Coda – 7:39

SPRING – begins 10:04

Scene – begins 15:21
Waltz of the Cornflowers and the Poppies – 17:55
Barcarolle – 19:54
Variations – 22:03
Coda – 23:07

Bacchanale and Appearance of the Seasons – begins 27:17
Adagio – 31:03
Scene and Apotheosis – 34:48



Extremophiles are microorganisms that thrive in environments with extreme conditions, such as high or low temperatures or pH levels, high salt concentration, or high pressure. Found in hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor, they produce the vivid colors of some hot springs. Due to extremophiles’ ability to thrive in conditions detrimental to most life on Earth, some scientists theorize that they may reflect what life may be like on other planets. How are extremophiles used industrially? More… Discuss


Winter Night by Boris Pasternak (This one goes well with the Tchaikovsky’s “Winter Dream” Symphony!)

Winter Night by Boris Pasternak 

It snowed and snowed, the whole world over,
Snow swept the world from end to end.
A candle burned on the table;
A candle burned.As during summer midges swarm
To beat their wings against a flame
Out in the yard the snowflakes swarmed
To beat against the window pane

The blizzard sculptured on the glass
Designs of arrows and of whorls.
A candle burned on the table;
A candle burned.

Distorted shadows fell
Upon the lighted ceiling:
Shadows of crossed arms,of crossed legs-
Of crossed destiny.

Two tiny shoes fell to the floor
And thudded.
A candle on a nightstand shed wax tears
Upon a dress.

All things vanished within
The snowy murk-white, hoary.
A candle burned on the table;
A candle burned.

A corner draft fluttered the flame
And the white fever of temptation
Upswept its angel wings that cast
A cruciform shadow

It snowed hard throughout the month
Of February, and almost constantly
A candle burned on the table;
A candle burned.

For more poems by Boris Pasternak, you can visit this >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>SITE<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Ans. Junii Tarnavei – Tarina de la Abrud – Grupa Mica 2010

Abrud is a town in the north-western part of Alba County, Transylvania, Romania, located on the river Abrud. It administers three villages: Abrud-Sat, Gura Cornei and Soharu. Wikipedia 
Area: 1.236 sq miles (3.2 km²)
Weather: 70°F (21°C), Wind N at 0 mph (0 km/h), 49% Humidity
Local time: Saturday 5:20 PM Romania Time

Santa Ana Bike Road: Mile 0 @ Pacific Coast Hwy Underpass (last Saturday Afternoon)

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A nice ride, on a wide, well maintained road. All underpasses are large, well lit and the grade in low (even the one in the picture, that looks so dark.) I checked out the first 12 miles and leave the rest for autumn, when the weather is milder. 

( Snapshots were taken with Videolan media player, from the video recorded on the Midland XTC Webcam (720p HD))

Fair Weather, By George

Fair Weather, (By George)


My dad was the first meteorologist who could do more than just predict the weather. He enjoyed fishing, hobby that he shared with me mostly on summer vacations.

This story is about fair weather, the way he was able to intervene in the complicated business of making an unforgettable sunny day.

 “Dad, do you think it’s going to rain tomorrow, like it did yesterday?” I asked him, concerned about the eventuality of not being able to fulfill our well planned outing. “No, he said”, as if totally sure of the truthfulness of his statement.

“How can you be so sure?”, I asked, since I did not have any knowledge of the science of weather prediction.  “Because I took care of it”, he answered without any hesitation. “You know that hole in the attic’s wall?” he went on saying, “The one facing east?” “Yeah”, I said? “Well, you see, about an hour ago, when you were still asleep, I went up there, in the attic, with one of those  long poles grandma was using to grow the beans  on, and a handful of hay. I wrapped the hay around the tip of the pole, and reach out to the hole in the sky thru which the clouds enter. I waited then for a few minutes, while all the clouds left the sky thru the hole to the West, and quickly I plugged that one too with some hay. So tomorrow, you see, will be sunny, no clouds in the sky what so ever. Will pack our rain coats just as a precaution, but will not have an opportunity to wear them, I promise you.”

I was five years old.  I heard many stories throughout the years about ways to predict the weather, from the circles around the Sun, and the Moon, and the height at which swallows fly  or the way the Sun wink back at us with his last red glowing ray, before it goes to sleep beyond the horizon, the stillness of air, and many more. But this practical way to create a special father-son fishing expedition will always stay with me, treasured and cherished as wisdom of age, wisdom of ages.