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health: Fat Shaming Counterproductive

Fat Shaming Counterproductive

Shaming people for being overweight does not motivate them to lose weight. In fact, it appears to have the opposite effect. Adults who experienced weight discrimination gained more weight over a four-year period than those who did not. Being made to feel bad about one’s physique seems to drive people to take comfort in food while simultaneously undermining their self-confidence with respect to physical activity, leading them to avoid it. Unfortunately, weight bias is pervasive not just among the general public but also within the medical community, making it harder for those struggling with their weight to get much-needed support and encouragement. More… Discuss


Genetic Mutation Slows Metabolism

Obesity has long been viewed as a controllable condition that results from a combination of laziness and a lack of self-control. Although it is true that eating too much and exercising too little are factors in weight gain, scientific evidence is increasingly pointing to biological contributors as well. Researchers have found a genetic mutation that seems to increase appetite and slow metabolism. Many with this mutation are severely obese by early childhood. Previous research has uncovered several other genes that predispose people to obesityMore… Discuss


Today’s Birthday: DANIEL LAMBERT (1770)

Daniel Lambert (1770)

Lambert is famous for having been recognized, in his own time, as the fattest man in England. An active and athletic youth, he began his dramatic weight gain after taking over his father’s job as keeper of a prison in Leicester. Though he initially led a quiet life and was well liked by his prisoners, he eventually—and reluctantly—went on tour. By then, he weighed more than 700 pounds (318 kg), and spectators paid a shilling each to see him. What complication arose when he died at Stamford? More… Discuss