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Watch “The Wilderness Survival @WildernessSurvivalSkill: Catching giant crab and meal preparations” on YouTube

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This Day in the Yesteryear: CHRISTOPHER MCCANDLESS’S BODY FOUND (1992)

Christopher McCandless’s Body Found (1992)

The tragic story of Christopher McCandless begins in southern California and ends in the wilds of Alaska, where the 24-year-old’s emaciated remains were found weeks after he had apparently starved to death while trying to live off the land on his own. His journal, in which he chronicled his 113 days in the wilderness, has shed some light on his final months, including where he sheltered—an abandoned bus—and what he last ate, but much will never be known. What was his final message to the world? More… Discuss




Backpacking is an outdoor activity that combines hiking and camping. Because backpackers must carry all of their own supplies for food and shelter, backpacking excursions involve fewer comforts than traditional camping trips. On the other hand, because backpackers can remain in the wilderness overnight and resume hiking each morning, they are able to access remote areas of wilderness that are inaccessible by car or too distant for day-hikers to reach. What dangers do backpackers face? More… Discuss