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Christmas comes to the Gaza Strip, despite storm damage and flooding – #Focus

The snow storm that hit the Middle East two weeks ago has affected people from Beirut to Cairo. In the Gaza Strip, thousands have been left unable to return to their homes, as torrential rains and melting snow flooded the streets. Christmas is coming too to some parts of the enclave; of the 1.7 million Gazans, there are 176 Roman Catholics and 1200 Orthodox Christians – fewer than 1% of the population. Our correspondent found out what kind of Christmas they’ll be having this year.
12/24/2013 REPORTS
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Hurricane Sandy Pounds East Coast of US

After sweeping through the Caribbean, where she claimed the lives of at least 60 people, Hurricane Sandy turned her ferocity on the Eastern US, battering the coast with strong winds and driving rain. A rare confluence of weather events—a hurricane meeting up with a winter storm coming from the west—gave Sandy extra punch as she made landfall in the Northeast. In anticipation of the “Frankenstorm,” several major public transportation systems were shut down, thousands of flights were canceled, and thousands of people were evacuated from their homes. The full extent of Sandy’s damage has yet to be assessed, but the final tally could be in the tens of billions of dollars. More… Discuss