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today’s birthday: Wavy Gravy (1936)

Wavy Gravy (1936)

Born Hugh Romney, Wavy Gravy is a peace activist known for his whimsical hippie appearance and clown persona. After being repeatedly arrested at political demonstrations, he adopted his flamboyant look in the hopes that police officers would be less likely to arrest someone dressed as a clown. Gravy was a master of ceremonies during the first Woodstock Festival and the two subsequent events and is now the official clown of the Grateful Dead. Who gave him his unusual moniker? More… Discuss

this day in the yesteryear: Jimi Hendrix Headlines Woodstock (1969) (with rare video)

Jimi Hendrix Headlines Woodstock (1969)

make music part of your life series: Larry Coryell at the Jimi Hendrix 69th Birthday Celebration “Blue Monk” “Jam 292”

Larry Coryell at the Jimi Hendrix 69th Birthday Celebration “Blue Monk“. “Jam 292″ Video by Larry Blumnstein Video Productions.
(This an instrumental Jimi and Larry use to Jam together with back in the day and the final cut is called Jam 292 by Jimi Hendrix from the Blues album.)

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First Rock Festival Held in the Soviet Union (1980)

Dubbed the “Soviet Woodstock,” the 1980 Tbilisi rock festival is widely considered the turning point in the history of Russian rock music. Held in Tbilisi—capital of the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic—the event was the USSR‘s first official rock festival. However, unlike Woodstock, the high point of youth counterculture in the US, freedom of expression at Tbilisi-80 was limited, and the jury stormed out after one performer’s provocative moves. Which bands performed at the event? More…Discuss


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