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word: saturnine


Definition: (adjective) Showing a brooding ill humor.
Synonyms: glowering, moody, morose, sullen, glum, dour, sour, dark
Usage: Since he had heard of Lilla’s death, the gloom of his remorse had made more hopeless his cruel, selfish, saturnine nature. Discuss.

Shivers (poetic thought by George-B)

Shivers (poetic thought by George-B)

Cold as a smudge on hands,

on the  fogged up  windows,
smelly fog of this foggy night in November
fog penetrating overcoats,  
clinging to skin and bones in a solid embrace –
few long minutes of rhythmic shaking–
dripping fog on rugs…

 with washing like motions hands reach for heat
nearly missing the flames’ dance in the fireplace,
while the evaporating fog dissipates