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The newest demoncratic HATE GROUP: THE NO CLUE CLAN

The newest demoncratic HATE GROUP: THE NO CLUE CLAN

The newest demoncratic HATE GROUP: THE NO CLUE CLAN

The newest demoncratic HATE GROUP: THE NO CLUE CLAN

The newest demoncratic HATE GROUP: THE NO CLUE CLAN

The newest demoncratic HATE GROUP: THE NO CLUE CLAN

Best interpretations: Watch “Pathétique,Beethoven Sonata No. 8 in C minor Op. 13,”,Valentina Lisitsa,SHEET MUSIC” on YouTube

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Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven (/ˈlʊdvɪɡ vænˈbt(h)vən/ (About this soundlisten)

listen)listen); German: [ˈluːtvɪç fan ˈbeːthoːfn̩] (About this sound

); baptised 17 December 1770[1] – 26 March 1827) was a German composerand pianist. A crucial figure in the transition between the classical and romantic eras in classical music, he is considered to be one of the greatest composers of all time.

Ludwig van Beethoven

Portrait by Joseph Karl Stieler, 1820

Beethoven, 1820

Baptised 17 December 1770[1]
Died 26 March 1827 (aged 56)


List of compositions
Signature written in ink in a flowing script

Beethoven was born in Bonn, the capital of the Electorate of Cologne, and part of the Holy Roman Empire. He displayed his musical talents at an early age and was vigorously taught by his father Johann van Beethoven, and was later taught by composer and conductor Christian Gottlob Neefe. At age 21, he moved to Vienna and studied composition with Joseph Haydn. Beethoven then gained a reputation as a virtuoso pianist, and was soon courted by Karl Alois, Prince Lichnowsky for compositions, which resulted in Opus 1 in 1795.

The piece was a great critical and commercial success, and was followed by Symphony No. 1 in 1800. This composition was distinguished for its frequent use of sforzandi, as well as sudden shifts in tonal centers that were uncommon for traditional symphonic form, and the prominent, more independent use of wind instruments.[2] In 1801, he also gained notoriety for his six String Quartetsand for the ballet The Creatures of Prometheus. During this period, his hearing began to deteriorate, but he continued to conduct, premiering his third and fifth symphonies in 1804 and 1808, respectively. His condition worsened to almost complete deafness by 1811, and he then gave up performing and appearing in public.

During this period of self exile, Beethoven composed many of his most admired works; his seventhsymphony premiered in 1813, with its second movement, Allegretto, achieving widespread critical acclaim.[3] He composed the piece Missa Solemnis for a number of years until it premiered 1824, which preceded his ninth symphony, with the latter gaining fame for being among the first examples of a choral symphony.[4] In 1826, his fourteenth String Quartet was noted for having seven linked movements played without a break, and is considered the final major piece performed before his death a year later.

His career is conventionally divided into early, middle, and late periods; the “early” period is typically seen to last until 1802, the “middle” period from 1802 to 1812, and the “late” period from 1812 to his death in 1827. During his life, he composed nine symphonies; five piano concertos; one violin concerto; thirty-two piano sonatas; sixteen string quartets; two masses; and the opera Fidelio. Other works, like Für Elise, were discovered after his death, and are also considered historical musical achievements. Beethoven’s legacy is characterized for his innovative compositions, namely through the combinations of vocals and instruments, and also for widening the scope of sonata, symphony, concerto, and quartet,[5] while he is also noted for his troublesome relationship with his contemporaries.

Life and career

Background and early life

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Watch “Google — Year in Search 2019” on YouTube




Quote: understand the nature of impurity RUMI

Quote: understand the nature of impurity RUMI

Quote: understand the nature of impurity RUMI

Watch “Fischer/Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E Minor, Op. 64/Myung Whun Chung/Festival de Saint Denis.” on YouTube

Violin Concerto (Mendelssohn
Felix Mendelssohn’s Violin Concertoin E minor, Op. 64, is his last large orchestral work. It forms an important part of the violin repertoire and is one of the most popular and most frequently performed violin concertosin history.[1][2][3] A typical performance lasts just under half an hour.
Violin Concertoby Felix Mendelssohn

Mendelssohn in 1846

KeyE minorCatalogueOp. 64Year1844PeriodRomanticGenreConcertoComposed1838–1844Movements3ScoringViolin and orchestraPremiereDate13 March 1845LocationLeipzig
Mendelssohn originally proposed the idea of the violin concerto to Ferdinand David, a close friend and then concertmaster of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra. Although conceived in 1838, the work took another six years to complete and was not premiered until 1845. During this time, Mendelssohn maintained a regular correspondence with David, who gave him many suggestions. The work itself was one of the foremost violin concertos of the Romantic era and was influential on many other composers.

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Quote: I used to be afraid of the dark…

Quote: I used to be afraid of the dark...

Quote: I used to be afraid of the dark…

Quote: I used to be afraid of the dark…

Watch “The Traitor_Martha Wainwright_Leonard Cohen_I’m Your Man_720HD-022711.avi” on YouTube

  • Now the Swan it floated on the English river
    Ah the Rose of High Romance it opened wide
    A sun tanned woman yearned me through the summer
    And the judges watched us from the other side

    I told my mother “Mother I must leave you
    Preserve my room but do not shed a tear
    Should rumour of a shabby ending reach you
    It was half my fault and half the atmosphere”

    But the Rose I sickened with a scarlet fever
    And the Swan I tempted with a sense of shame
    She said at last I was her finest lover
    And if she withered I would be to blame

    The judges said you missed it by a fraction
    Rise up and brace your troops for the attack
    Ah the dreamers ride against the men of action
    Oh see the men of action falling back

    But I lingered on her thighs a fatal moment
    I kissed her lips as though I thirsted still
    My falsity had stung me like a hornet
    The poison sank and it paralyzed my will

    I could not move to warn all the younger soldiers
    That they had been deserted from above
    So on battlefields from here to Barcelona
    I’m listed with the enemies of love

    And long ago she said “I must be leaving,
    Ah but keep my body here to lie upon
    You can move it up and down and when I’m sleeping
    Run some wire through that Rose and wind the Swan”

    So daily I renew my idle duty
    I touch her here and there, I know my place
    I kiss her open mouth and I praise her beauty
    And people call me traitor to my face

  • Written by Leonard Cohen
    Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics powered by LyricFind

  • 3 Months Agoalerique
  • General Comment:

    Please, note parallels with famous ‘O Rose Thou Art Sick’ by William Blake, with specific reference to Englishness to remove further doubts. This is widened reinterpretation of the famous poem from the worm’s point of view.

    O Rose thou art sick.
    The invisible worm,
    That flies in the night
    In the howling storm:

    Has found out thy bed
    Of crimson joy:
    And his dark secret love
    Does thy life destroy.

  • 6 Years AgoJohnnyBee
  • My Interpretation:

    What the Traitor has betrayed is the ideal of love. His ‘scarlet fever’ is lust, but when it is satisfied by ‘lingering on her thighs’, the Traitor is shamed. He recognises that other young men go off to battle without high ideals and they too become ‘the enemies of love’.
    Lovely metaphors – great Leonard Cohen.

  • 8 Years AgoGeorgeb
  • General Comment:

    Well I guess, it is fundamentally positive, and for a long time I just amaze myself at the beauty of the methaphore, the idea of the world as a stage, as the scene of a quest, in which the spectators are the judges as well, then i heard Leonard Cohen’s explaantion of the line of thought that made him write the poem. It goes like this:

    “It was called “The traitor”. It was about the feeling that we have of betraying some mission that we were mandated to fulfill, and being unable to fulfill it, and then coming to understand that the real mandate was not to fulfill it, and that the deeper courage was to stand guiltless in the predicament in which you found yourself”.
    It talks about the unvoidable predicament of failure from without, and the only right posture when one’s faced with a situation in which one cannot but fail: standing guiltless, in the predicament in which you find yourself. I think that is positive: not blaming yourself for outcomes of which you could not fully control.

  • 9 Years AgoStrangerinme
  • General Comment:

    And long ago she said “I must be leaving,
    Ah but keep my body here to lie upon
    You can move it up and down and when I’m sleeping
    Run some wire through that Rose and wind the Swan”

    God what a punishment ( the cruelty of the victim is almost far more than of the criminal)
    He betrayed her , she doesn’t love him no more but she keeps her body for him to have sex with while her soul is somewhere else …

  • 9 Years AgoRJSoftware
  • General Comment:

    Damb, aint any Cohen song remotley happy?

  • 11 Years Agobhoover247
  • General Comment:

    The rose is the womans genitals, the swan would be his. The line “run some wire through the rose and wind the swan” would be the woman asking him to have sex with her. He daily performs his “idle duty” but he doesn’t love her. He has become an “enemy of love” for betraying his true love.

  • 12 Years AgoWinters
  • General Comment:

    1. It seems to be about a man settling for someone who is not right for him rather than what his heart desires. He becomes an enemy of love, The Men of Action Falling back is the man too weak to take action and leave, following his heart. He has a relationship of physical love but not real love. He is a traitor to himself.




This is how pieces de résistance are born: Watch “Bob Fosse on All That Jazz” on YouTube

This is How pieces de résistance are born how is it that this closed account is still able to have membership at my website? What would it take for you to do your jobs, and allow administrators to reject whoever they don’t care to see at their website? In this case it’s about Nimish Singh Parihar (read the photos bellow for further info!)

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By, Euzicasa (GeorgeB)

Granduca Pietro Leopoldo tra la fine del Settecento e l’inizio dell’Ottocento.



La Galleria è situata in alcuni fra i più bei saloni del Palazzo (dal quale deriva appunto il nome Palatina cioè del Palazzo), nel piano nobile. La superba collezione di dipinti è centrata sul periodo del tardo Rinascimento e il barocco, l’epoca d’oro del palazzo stesso, ed è il più importante esempio in Italia di quadreria, dove, a differenza di un allestimento museale moderno, i quadri non sono esposti con criteri sistematici, ma puramente decorativi, coprendo tutta la superficie della parete in schemi simmetrici, molto fedele all’allestimento originario voluto dal Granduca Pietro Leopoldo tra la fine del Settecento e l’inizio dell’Ottocento.

Donald Trump e atacat de 187 de organizații finanțate în mod direct de SOROS şi totuşi Donald Trump conduce primarele republicane. Pe Marian Muntean l-au atacat doar 10 şi PNL-ul a capitulat – donaldtrump-case –

Donald Trump e atacat de 187 de organizații finanțate în mod direct de SOROS şi totuşi Donald Trump conduce primarele republicane. Pe Marian Muntean l-au atacat doar 10 şi PNL-ul a capitulat

Rich Swier, un cunoscut blogger american, a făcut revista presei americane și a identificat 187 de organizații finanțate în mod direct de SOROS care îl atacă, zi de zi, pe Donald Trump.

Şi totuşi Donald Trump conduce primarele republicane.

Pe Marian Muntean l-au atacat doar 8-9 ONG-uri şi cu GDS-ul “zece care-i şi întrece” şi vreo 10 ziare şi televiziuni progresiste şi băsiste şi PNL-ul a capitulat speriat la culme de minciunile soroşiste. Sau a vrut să capituleilze ca să câștige Nicușor Dan, omul ONG-urilor lui Soros? .


Cripta di San Vito Vecchio (Gravina in Puglia) fine XIII – inizio XIV secolo.ī


Cripta di San Vito Vecchio (Gravina in Puglia) fine XIII – inizio XIV secolo.

The Ascension. Benjamin West. 1801. Denver Art Museum, Colorado, United States.

The Ascension. Benjamin West. 1801. Denver Art Museum, Colorado, United States.


The Ascension. Benjamin West. 1801. Denver Art Museum, Colorado, United States.

From a sermon by Saint Augustine, bishop
(Sermo de Ascensione Domini, Mai 98, 1-2: PLS 2, 494-495)

“No one has ever ascended into heaven except the one who descended from heaven”

Today our Lord Jesus Christ ascended into heaven; let our hearts ascend with him. […] For just as he remained with us even after his ascension, so we too are already in heaven with him, even though what is promised us has not yet been fulfilled in our bodies. […]

While in heaven he is also with us; and we while on earth are with him. He is here with us by his divinity, his power and his love. We cannot be in heaven, as he is on earth, by divinity, but in him, we can be there by love.

He did not leave heaven when he came down to us; nor did he withdraw from us when he went up again into heaven. The fact that he was in heaven even while he was on earth is borne out by his own statement: No one has ever ascended into heaven except the one who descended from heaven, the Son of Man, who is in heaven. […]

These words are explained by our oneness with Christ, for he is our head and we are his body. No one ascended into heaven except Christ because we also are Christ: he is the Son of Man by his union with us, and we by our union with him are the sons of God. So the Apostle says: Just as the human body, which has many members, is a unity, because all the different members make one body, so is it also with Christ. He too has many members, but one body.

The Ascension. Benjamin West. 1801. Denver Art Museum, Colorado, United States.

Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint John 17:20-26.


Holy Gospel of Jesus Christ according to Saint John 17:20-26.

Lifting up his eyes to heaven, Jesus prayed saying: “I pray not only for them, but also for those who will believe in me through their word, so that they may all be one, as you, Father, are in me and I in you, that they also may be in us, that the world may believe that you sent me.
And I have given them the glory you gave me, so that they may be one, as we are one,
I in them and you in me, that they may be brought to perfection as one, that the world may know that you sent me, and that you loved them even as you loved me.
Father, they are your gift to me. I wish that where I am they also may be with me, that they may see my glory that you gave me, because you loved me before the foundation of the world.
Righteous Father, the world also does not know you, but I know you, and they know that you sent me.
I made known to them your name and I will make it known, that the love with which you loved me may be in them and I in them.”

Ascension,  les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry. By the Limbourg brothers, 15th century. Musée Condé, Chantilly, France

I love this little Forest Chapel in Vermont


I love this little Forest Chapel in Vermont … 🙂
a single beam of sunlight
broke through the clouds
and rained down into the
clearing in the woods
onto the church standing
quite all by itself
the peculiar shaft of light
drew one’s gaze
past the wild sunflowers
that stood guard next to
a barbed wire fence
with rugged weathered poles
that looked like the thick
branches of trees
past the horses grazing
in the afternoon sunlight
past the rocks and stones
half-buried scattered in the field
at the foot of these ancient hills
the hills stood like sentries
overlooking their domain below
watching and waiting for parishioners
to grace her walls in prayer and song
and if you listened carefully
you can hear them still
oh so faintly like a distant echo
their voices rising lifting up
to the heavens
the children at play
after service
their laughter
their joy
flitting here
and there
like butterflies
in the sun
~ poem “Another Time” by Michael Traveler, author
about Photo:  this little chapel in the woods is located in Stowe, Vermont on  a hillside behind the Trapp family home (the real life family that the movie the Sound of Music was based on), Werner von Trapp built a stone chapel in thanksgiving for his safe return from World War II (in the early 1940s). 

Learn more about the von Trapp family here …
photo by Greg Camilleri

Iubirile sfâşietoare ale prinţesei Martha Bibescu, măritată la 16 ani: „A da o virgină pe mâna unui bărbat e ca şi când ai da un Stradivarius unei maimuţe“ | Historia

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Articole scrise de acelasi autor
Festivalul Filmului European la Centru Ceh
Lucian Boia şi Gabriel Liiceanu despre „Strania istorie a comunismului românesc şi nefericitele ei consecinţe“
LIVE, ora 11.00. Dezbatere Historia: Războiul Regelui Mihai cu Hitler şi Stalin
charles de gaulle
Martha Bibescu
Martha Bibescu a crezut că fericirea nu poate exista în lipsa iluziei iubirii. Una dintre cele mai fascinante personalităţi ale aristocraţiei din secolul trecut a căutat toată viaţa iubirea şi a trecut printr-un lung şir de eşecuri amoroase. Romancieră, poetă şi om politic, Martha Bibescu a fost una dintre cele mai distinse personalităţi ale aristocraţiei secolulului al XX-lea.

În spatele personalităţii care a fascinat oameni importanţi, de la poetul Rainer Maria Rilke până la preşedintele Charles de Gaulle, a stat o femeie foarte frumoasă, înzestrată cu toate atuurile unei adevărate prinţese. Faptul că a fost o femeie frumoasă, inteligentă, elegantă, talentată, sensibilă şi bogată nu i-a asigurat însă Marthei Bibescu şi fericirea despre care a crezut toată viaţa că nu poate exista în lipsa ”iluziei iubirii”. În căutarea ”iluziei iubirii”, Martha a trecut printr-un lung şir de poveşti de dragoste , cele mai multe soldate cu eşecuri sentimentale. Frumuseţea Marthei, aflată la vremea adolescenţei, l-a vrăjit de timpuriu pe prinţul George Valentin Bibescu. La doar 14 ani Martha s-a logodit cu prinţul Bibescu care avea 16 ani. Căsătoria s-a făcut cu dispensă de la Vatican, Martha fiind catolică.

„Nu merită să cauţi fericirea în căsătorie, sigur nu o vei găsi”

”A da o virgină pe mâna unui bărbat este ca şi când ai da un Stradivarius pe mâna unei maimuţe“, a fost concluzia pe care avea să o tragă prinţesa, la vremea memoriilor, despre căsătoria din adolescenţă. Deşi devenită prinţesă în acte, viaţa de care a avut parte Martha Bibescu alături de soţ nu a fost deloc una de prinţesă. A devenit mamă la doar 17 ani, dând naştere unei fetiţe, Valentina. Medicii i-au recomandat repaos sexual doi ani, după naşterea la vârsta adolescenţei. Prinţul George Bibescu s-a consolat într-un lung şir de infidelităţi care au alimentat bârfele epocii. Despre soţul infidel, căruia i-a rămas alături toată viaţa, Martha scria: „A crezut toată viaţa că e suficient să existe pentru a fi iubit, nu i-a trecut niciodată prin minte să ofere şi el ceva în schimb.“ Iar despre căsătorie, concluzia de mai târziu a frumoasei scriitoare a fost: „Nu merită să cauţi fericirea în căsătorie, sigur nu o vei găsi”.

Se spune că, la 17 ani, tânăra nevastă a lui George Bibescu a făcut o pasiune pentru vărul acestuia, Emanuel Bibescu, un bărbat inteligent, cel care i l-a prezentat pe Marcel Proust. Emanuel ar fi respins-o pe prinţesă, îndemnând-o să-şi vadă de viaţa de familie şi să respecte statutul de nevastă. Experienţa primei iubiri extraconjugale neîmplinite a fost una dureroasă pentru frumoasa prinţesă care, aşa cum avea să noteze mai târziu în jurnale, a înţeles că e mai bine să se facă iubită, decât să caute în permanenţă un bărbat care să îi merite dragostea.

”Domnind peste el, domnesc peste un imperiu”

Martha Bibescu, măritată la 14 ani şi devenită mamă la 17 ani, l-a vrăjit pe prinţul Wilhelm, moştenitorul tronului Germaniei, în 1909. Se spune că prinţul german i-a scris lui George Bibescu pentru a îi cere permisiunea să corespondeze cu soţia sa, numind-o „cea mai frumoasă şi mai inteligentă femeie din România”. Adoraţia prinţului a fost încurajată de Martha care, nota flatată în jurnal „Domnind peste el, domnesc peste un imperiu”. În ciuda cadourilor şi a iubirii înflăcărate declarate de moştenitorul tronului Germaniei, se spune că Martha nu s-ar fi îndrăgosit cu adevărat de el.

Francezul Charles Louis

În vreme ce prinţul Bibescu îşi căuta fericirea în afara căsniciei cu Martha, prinţesa a căutat şi ea dragostea în braţele francezului Charles Louis de Beauvau Craon, unul dintre cei mai râvniţi burlaci ai Franţei. A început o relaţie furtunoasă de iubire cu amanul francez care a ajuns să o ameninţe cu sinuciderea şi i-a cerut să divorţeze de Bibescu. Mama lui Charles Louis a intervenit între cei doi amorezi şi a făcut tot posibilul să-i despartă. Charles Louis a acceptat până la urmă o logodnă aranjată de mama sa, însă gândul i-a rămas la Martha. Cei doi s-au despărţit şi s-au împăcat de mai multe ori. Indecisă între insistenţele amantului, care îi cere o viaţă împreună, şi insistenţele soacrei care o imploră să nu-şi părăsească soţul, Martha s-a retras o vreme la mănăstirea din Alger. Nu a divorţat.

Continuarea articolului pe Adevă

Welcome to May 5th…Mexican (not latino) style: Hillary Clinton’s Cinco de Mayo Visit to Los Angeles Attracts Latino Protesters | L.A. Weekly

A Mother’s Touch…what an inspirational photo!


A Mother’s Touch ❤❤

NU-TI UITA ISTORIA… La 6 mai 1600, Mihai Viteazul il alunga pe Ieremia Movila, domnul Moldovei, reusind astfel sa uneasca cele 3 voivodate romane, Tara Romaneasca, Moldova si Transilvania sub o singura coroana



La 6 mai 1600, Mihai Viteazul il alunga pe Ieremia Movila, domnul Moldovei, reusind astfel sa uneasca cele 3 voivodate romane, Tara Romaneasca, Moldova si Transilvania sub o singura coroana, a sa. Astfel se infaptuieste prima unire din istoria Romaniei .
“Şi hotarul Ardealului
pohta ce-am pohtit
Moldova şi Ţara Românească”.

La Vulcanii noroiosi Berca_Buzau 1980_2


La Vulcanii noroiosi Berca_Buzau 1980_2

Viorel Simionescu Mânăstirea Dealu_ cca 1980 _2 _ O conversatie


Mânăstirea Dealu _ cca 1980 _2 _ O conversatie cu smerenie a prietenului meu Paul care demult nu mai este

Never lose sight of WHO YOU ARE…(art at the Turnbull Water Tower, Whittier, California)


Unlike places, people, happenings…

Tolontan: După ce establishmentul medical a năvălit la TV, în primul rând la „Sinteza zilei”, să ne calce în picioare, am primit un mesaj

Suntem o tara intreaga la cheremul unor psihopati! Suntem cu toti prinsi aproape fara scapare din acest cerc  vicios al coruptiei ce ne ucide lent zi de zi: Cercul sistemului putred numit Romania reala unde coruptia ucide!


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Raluca Ion

Tolontan: After the medical establishment stormed the TV, primarily to “Daily summary” We trample, I received a message
yesterday at 17
It is known, in short, the scandal disinfectants. On long, it’s about the series of surveys that Catalin Tolontan and team of investigative journalists from Gazeta Sport showed that hospitals in Romania are widely used disinfectants from businesses Hexi Pharma, disinfectants in which the active substances have been diluted up to ten times . In short, again, it is a system. A system that fails to protect those who really matter: the patients.

“We went after a company as felt journalist Mona Dîrţu in a commentary Tuesday (nr 27 April) fb, but by the system,” wrote in one of the surveys, journalists who had series investigations about Hexi Pharma.

In an interview for journalist Catalin Tolontan says that it all started in December 2015 with a message.

“After we published in December 2015 testimony of a doctor from the Hospital for Burns on” biological bomb that wounded were treated at Collective ” Establishment medical jumped as burned. And rushed over to television, first on “Synthesis Day,” to trample us. Then I got a message from a man inside Hexi Pharma: “If you want to know more about another crucial factor of hospital infections, looking for me.” We met several times and gained confidence. It gave us recipes which asserted that occur diluted disinfectants. Everything seemed hard to believe because I was convinced that the state controls and that this was not possible, “says the journalist. There followed five months of investigation and interviews “Every time I talk to someone in the office is crisp, denied, saying” That’s what the law requires, more than we can not. ” Then insisted to lead us in the hallway. There took us by the shoulders and told us “- Go, please continue.” Well refers to your job! “- Nothing, please continue, do not leave.” That happens to the upper floors of the health system. Maybe it’s the hypocrisy, but there’s more: the feeling of suffocation that, come what may, must come out. It’s the feeling of doctors, directors of the ministry, “says Catalin Tolontan.

We reproduce below the full interview:

In your opinion, which is how the authorities (Ministry of Health, Prosecutor, DNA, DIICOT) ought to act after series of investigations related to the Hexi Pharma?

No journalist can provide the service that the state fails to provide. We do not know how the authorities had to act. We strive to stay within our profession.

But hundreds of hospitals are used disinfectants manufactured by Hexi Pharma?

Speaking of hospitals, we can give the audience an insight of how long the five months since the investigation began and until publication. To understand better the atmosphere. Every time you talk to someone in the office is crisp, denied, saying “That’s what the law requires, more than we can not.” Then insisted to lead us in the hallway. There took us by the shoulders and told us: “Continue, please continue.” Well refers to your job!  “Nothing, please continue, do not leave.” That happens to the upper floors of the health system. Maybe it’s the hypocrisy, but there’s more: the feeling of suffocation that, come what may, must come out. It’s the feeling of doctors, directors of the ministry.

If you put on a board, we made this experience, knew the names of institutions on documents, irregularities such firms and silent, think about what it’s called that ?! There’s a word, but you’re afraid to write it and that can be considered crazy. We may collect testimonies.

What is the right course of action that you’ve imagined when you began to publish the series of surveys? To what extent it resembles what happens now?

We expected the government to react more quickly and firmly to protecting patients. Even if the actual figure of 5%, but not 5% of hospitalized patients means of Romanians 200,000 per year, of which 40,000 are children. Know any drug in this world who have dangerous effects incidence of 5% ?! It’s enormous.

You have revealed that since 2012 authorities had information on possible crimes committed by Dan Condrea without doing anything with them.

If you put on a board, we made this experience, knew the names of institutions on documents, irregularities such firms and silent, think about what it’s called that ?! There’s a word, but you’re afraid to write it and that can be considered crazy. We may collect testimonies.

In your opinion, what were the chances that the use of substances diluted to continue as long without the connivance of men decision makers in the health system and doctors?

The investigation started that way. After we published in December 2015 testimony of a doctor from the Hospital for Burns on “biological bomb that wounded were treated at Collective” Establishment medical jumped as burned. And rushed over to television, first on “Synthesis Day,” to trample us. Then I got a message from a man inside Hexi Pharma: “If you want to know more about another crucial factor of hospital infections, looking for me.” We met several times and gained confidence. It gave us recipes which asserted that occur diluted disinfectants. Everything seemed hard to believe because I was convinced that the state controls and that this was not possible. It took us months to understand the system and all authorities to admit that the state did in the last decade, no single test concentration! It seems to us the most important thing I told the people! When the state of hospitals and doctors abdicates, anything is possible. As one commenter on the blog where we post investigation: Condrea is the trigger, but her hand rule.

Not only in Romania, but everywhere struggling against enslavement of the medical profession to the pharma industry. Even doctors have a problem with that. You do not go to medical school to be allied companies, but support patients. Doctors ethics which I am sure will win.

Investigative journalists have shown over time the relationship of dependence that doctors have towards private firms (they pay, for example, expensive trips to congresses). How can cut this link counterproductive and dangerous for the patient?

As firefighters thought it was normal to be sponsored by those that control them, and knew this Raed Arafat, as in the medical field is considered normal. It’s a wide discussion worldwide. My feeling is that these things will stop because people do not swallow it. Not only in Romania, but everywhere struggling against enslavement of the medical profession to the industry pharma . Even doctors have a problem with that. You do not go to medical school to be allied companies, but support patients. Doctors ethics which I am sure will win.

From your knowledge, how many Dan Condrea exist in Romania?

I do not know. But I know that for each Dan Condrea, there are hundreds of Romanian who work hard and respect their peers. Mirela Neag called me last night, my colleague. It was tuflită. “Are you tired?” I ask. “Not. I cried. I reread what I wrote today, I reviewed the images Astoria and I do not believe in whose hands we have left together. A whole country at the mercy of psychopaths. ”

We are aware that it is the riskiest our investigation in the last 20 years. On its own way. If you look at their biography, that some are already the second time in prison, the story rackeţii Moldovan firms in Cyprus and Bulgaria, think a little and risks. First time to seriously reflect physical hazards

What pressures on journalists have been documenting and publishing the Gazette during investigations?

There was no, but we are aware that it is the riskiest our investigation in the last 20 years. On its own way. If you look at their biography, that some are already the second time in prison , the story rackeţii Moldovan firms in Cyprus and Bulgaria, think a little and risks. First time to seriously reflect physical hazards. And there’s a reason: people so devoid of empathy and discernment are capable of anything. They do not have much to lose.

What made you continue to go as Mona Dîrţu journalist wrote after the system?

It’s the kind of investigative journalism and professional feelings that I, and other colleagues from Mirela Sports Gazette I lived many times. But it’s the first of this magnitude to our colleague Razvan Luţac. Razvan made a decisive contribution. He is 23 years old and is already 7 years in the newsroom. And I feel proud that a young journalist for 23 years has brought people so much information. When the princes and kings Health disinfectants trade will wonder where they were fired, leaving crap strangers, services, or who knows what interest. To know this: a journalist for 22 years has revealed! Changing generations and, somehow, that this investigation would not have ever existed without the Collective, it is the legacy that we leave younger journalists. They need to be motivated, it’s their time to go after the system! And I think that’s valid throughout Romania, in all professions.

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Romania Initiative published a full list of contracts between hospitals in Romania and Hexi Pharma company
Raluca Ion
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diana time
yesterday at 23
begin to believe that we also have investigative journalists true! Congratulations!
read more
Like 3
Sorin Codreanu
yesterday at 22
I think we do not know 1% of what happens in this country ‘under the table’.
read more
Like 2
Abraham Magdalena
yesterday at 22
Dl.Tolontan thank you, but it’s very hard to think of all the consequences of this investigation! Somehow or another we are all, or should be touched! I honestly feel bad, nor can comment! Nausea and revolt!
read more
Like 0
Titi Litra
yesterday at 21
I think these journalists should be protected in the rest of their days; what mess I did not get out of the house safely. but those who should protect them are also accomplices to theft, public opinion there, so were sacrificed for a nation of … guess what …
read more
Like 3
Laurentiu Borta
yesterday at 20
The word to be said is genocide!
read more
Like 1
Ion Marinescu
yesterday at 19
A simple question: how is it possible that a company which inflate the price of 70 times to win so many contracts? What’s the point to talk about product compliance. One such firm is impossible not to be involved in acts of corruption. It is obvious that this corruption is not limited to company-hospital relationship manager but is coordinated centrally from the ministry.
read more
Like 1
yesterday at 19
My question is: why so few of the “intellectuals” and journalists engage with society in which they live? Why C. Tolontan and others who theoretically should write about the joys and problems of sport, do more for uncovering corruption in Romania on Dilema Veche or contributors can read articles and knotted deznoada topic I cringe abstract metaphysics, but investigative journalist any social adevarata.Cred they do not and those who are a step or more behind them, they will not be touched by the effects of corruption Roman society? Is cheating them, life will show that you can not live in an ivory tower and maybe if you go to live in Hawaii what is happening in Romanian society do not touch directly. Remember Joseph Sava? He died of nosocomial infections.
read more
Like 2
Anton Neculai
yesterday at 18
Respect Tolontan AND SUCCESS !!! entire team
read more
Like 11
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RCC decision is fair and predictable. At the polls, not stretched out his hand!
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Presence in large numbers to vote breaks down any kind of political arrangement and gives those elected representative that is contested at RCC.

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November 3 in the marriage bed. Me, you and something else
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O, ce mult este urâtă această invenție de către industria de benzină: Inventie in ROMANIA: masina care merge 5000 de km cu trei litri de apa – Alternative News Romania

Inventie in ROMANIA: masina care merge 5000 de km cu trei litri de apa

Alternative News Romania   auto  , bacau  , inginer  , inventie  , masina  , merge cu apa  , motor ecologic  , romania
Un inginer din Bacău a inventat motorul ecologic care arde hidrogenul şi eliberează în aer oxigenul, urmând ca în scurt timp să primească omologarea de la Institutul de Motoare Termice din Graz – Austria.

BUCUREŞTI, 3 mai — Sputnik. Gheorghe Bordeianu, inginer TCM, a obţinut în 1985 brevetul pentru motorul care merge 5000 de km cu trei litri de apă, informează si

Gheorghe Bordeianu are de 50 ani, este inginer şi a reușit să creeze primul motor care merge doar cu apă. Inventatorul spune că mașina dotată cu motorul creat de el consumă trei litri de apă la 5000 de kilometri. Este de fapt un generator de ioni care separă hidrogenul de oxigen. Dispozitivul se ataşează motoarelor clasice şi înlocuiește alimentarea cu benzină sau motorină. Preţul unui astfel de motor este de aproximativ 200-300 lei românești.

“Brevetul l-am obținut în 1985, iar invenția este acum în curs de omologare la Institutul de Motoare termice din Graz- Austria. Omologarea are trei etape, iar eu mă aflu acum la ultima dintre ele. Imediat cum o obțin vreau să înființez în Bacău o fabrică de producție în serie a dispozitivului”, a declarat Gheorghe Bordeianu.

De ani de zile băcăuanul merge cu un Cielo la mâna a doua cumpărat din Spania pe care îl alimentează doar cu apă sau chiar cu suc și urină. El spune că orice lichid care conţine hidrogen poate fi folosit drept combustibil pentru motor. Testele făcute la RAR au arătat că Cielo cu care circulă nu are deloc emisii de noxe.


From Erin Brockovich : Fire hydrant testing and water main flushing taking place in Hannibal | KHQA

Let the dumping begin…

All summer long… Hannibal will be dumping highly chloraminated water into local creeks, stream and water ways… a serious violation of the Clean Water Act!

Legally, they are supposed to dechloraminate, but they won’t… and they are supposed to capture the debris and sediment… but they won’t. And I guarantee, they won’t be using fire hoses like this false stock photo depicts.

We are watching…


Familie de țărani, Nicolae Enea


From Erin Brockovich connection on Facebook: Drugs found in Puget Sound salmon from tainted wastewater | The Seattle Times

Puget Sound salmon are on drugs — Prozac, Advil, Benadryl, Lipitor, even cocaine.

Those drugs and dozens of others are showing up in the tissues of juvenile chinook, researchers have found, thanks to tainted wastewater discharge.

The estuary waters near the outfalls of sewage-treatment plants, and effluent sampled at the plants, were cocktails of 81 drugs and personal-care products, with levels detected among the highest in the nation.

The medicine chest of common drugs also included Flonase, Aleve and Tylenol. Paxil, Valium and Zoloft. Tagamet, OxyContin and Darvon. Nicotine and caffeine. Fungicides, antiseptics and anticoagulants. Cipro and other antibiotics galore.

From the New York Times : ‘President Trump?’ Here’s How He Says It Would Look

From the New York Times

‘President Trump?’ Here’s How He Says It Would Look

“I think about a U.N. ambassador, about a secretary of defense and secretary of treasury, but I think more about winning first,” Mr. Trump said. “Otherwise I’m wasting time. I want people in those jobs who care about winning. The U.N. isn’t doing anything to end the big conflicts in the world, so you need an ambassador who would win by really shaking up the U.N.”

France 24 : Muslim candidate Khan leads London mayoral race

Muslim candidate Khan leads London mayoral race

BBC News: US election: What will Clinton v Trump look like?

US election: What will Clinton v Trump look like? –

BBC News: President Obama drinks water in crisis-hit Flint

President Obama drinks water in crisis-hit Flint –

Piatra Neamț, România


Piatra Neamț, România

Vietnam Protesters Seek Answers Over Mass Fish Deaths – WSJ

In the past 24-hours, over 2,500 people have signed a petition on seeking my help in a fight against a major polluter… Formosa Plastic Group a Taiwan-United States… an International Conglomeration.

While I recognize it will clearly be an international challenge… I will conduct an investigation into how we can help these people. Multinational corporations must be held accountable when they destroy a local industry, and way of life, a culture.

Not sure where to begin… but I will… and with everyone’d help, we can try to give these hard working people some glimmer of hope.

Hubert Rossel: Le livre / Transylvanie – Les églises fortifiées du pays des Sicules / Hubert Rossel

La « petite église » (Szent Katalin templom) de Gyergyóditró/ Ditrău, celle de Gyergyóalfalu/Joseni et celle de Csíkdelne/Delniţa sont toutes les trois parmi les 80 églises fortifiées à être analysées et replacées dans leur contexte historique dans le livre “Les églises fortifiées du pays des Sicules”… Pour plus d’informations on peut aussi se rendre sur le site


La Transylvanie a été choisie par les guides Lonely Planet comme la région la plus tendance pour un voyage en 2016. Parmi les différents points d’attraction de cette région figurent les églises fortifiées des communautés saxonne et sicule. De nombreux ouvrages existent en français pour présenter les églises saxonnes, les plus grandes et les plus connues. Mais il n’y en a qu’un seul en français pour parler des églises sicules et les remettre dans leur contexte historique et culturel : Transylvanie – Les églises fortifiées du pays des Sicules ( Songez-y lorsque vous préparez votre voyage, si vous compter aller dans cette région!
La photo ci-dessous présente l’église fortifiées de Zabola/Zăbala, dans le judeţ de Kovaszna/Covasna.

Transylvania has been selected by the Lonely Planet travel guidebooks as the first of the most likely areas for a trip in 2016. Of the various points of attraction of this area are the fortified churches of the Saxon and the Szekler communities. Many books exist in French to introduce the Saxon churches, the largest ones and best known. But there is only one in French to talk about the Szekler churches and put them in their historical and cultural context: Transylvanie – Les églises fortifiées du pays des Sicules. ( Consider this when planning your trip, if you plan to go to this region!
The picture below figures the Zabola/Zăbala fortified church, in the judeţ Kovaszna/Covasna

The Source That Is Alive For Thousands of Years: Sarmizegetusa Regia, Grădiștea Muncelului, Hunedoara, Banat, România







Sarmizegetusa Regia (cea regească) a fost capitala și cel mai important centru militar, religios și politic al statului dac înainte de războaiele cu Imperiul Roman. A fost nucleul unui sistem defensiv strategic format din șase fortărețe dacice din Munții Orăștiei, folosit de Decebal pentru apărare contra cuceririi romane. Situl arheologic Sarmizegetusa este situat în satul Grădiștea Muncelului din județul Hunedoara.

Watch “Doru Stanculescu – Hai, hai, haidi, hai (Pe sub flori ma leganai)” on YouTube

Ai, hai lyrics

Artist: Doru Stănculescu
Translations: English, French, German
Ai, hai

N-a ști nimeni că m-am dus,
Numa’ m-or vedea că nu-s.

Sus e cerul, largă-i lumea,
Bine c-a-nfrunzit pădurea!

Ai, hai, ai, haidi, haidi, hai,
Pe sub flori mă legănai.

Sus e cerul, largă-i lumea,
N-a ști nimeni că m-am dus.

Bine c-a-nfrunzit pădurea,
Numa’ m-or vedea că nu-s

Ai, hai, ai, haidi, haidi, hai,
Pe sub flori mă legănai.

© 2008-2016


Una din cele mai importante religii ale omenirii ar putea fi zguduita in urma recentelor descoperiri. Fragmentele celui mai vechi Coran din lume, descoperite in Birmingham, ar putea data dinaintea profetului Mahomed si ar urma „sa rescrie” istoria islamului, au anuntat cercetatorii britanici.Oamenii de stiinta de la Universitatea Oxford stiau deja ca pergamentul este printre cele mai vechi texte coranice cunoscute din intreaga lume. Mai multi istorici sustin insa ca documentul este atat de vechi incat il precede pe profetul Mahomed si contrazice relatarile traditionale privind viata acestuia, asa ca modifica radical „edificiul traditiei islamice”, scrie Breitbart, citat de cu carbon a documentului releva ca acesta a fost scris intre 568 si 645 era noastra, in conditiile in care, in mod traditional, se considera ca Mohamed a trait intre 570 si 632 era noastra.Asta ar insemna ca documentul a fost scris inainte de momentul oficial cand ar fi fost stranse primele texte oficiale si inainte sau imediat dupa nasterea lui Mahomed.


this pressed: How Much Could Obama’s Gun Moves Affect Gun Violence? Nobody Knows. – ProPublica

The executive actions on guns unveiled yesterday by President Obama drew predictable praise from gun control advocates and bile from gun-rights supporters and Republican lawmakers, including some who called his actions “unconstitutional.”But, as some have noted, the actions themselves are extremely modest, raising questions about how much they will really do to stem gun violence.Obama’s most significant step is an attempt to expand the number of gun sellers who conduct background checks on buyers. To do this, he is not changing the requirements for who is required to conduct a background check and who is not. Instead, he is giving a very high level of publicity to new “guidance” from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that simply explains what the current law is.Under federal law, licensed firearm dealers have to comply with a set of regulations, including conducting background checks on prospective purchasers to make sure they are not prohibited from owning a gun because of a criminal record or other disqualifying factor. More occasional sellers of guns—one private individual selling to another private individual—do not have to follow these rules.For decades, gun control advocates have decried this gaping loophole in the nation’s federal background check law. After a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012, Congressional Democrats tried and failed to close this loophole by passing legislation to require background checks on more gun sales.Obama is now approaching the problem from a different angle: He is focusing on gun sellers who may be operating in a gray area between being an occasional seller and a licensed dealer.According to the ATF, its new guidance breaks down how federal courts have interpreted the somewhat fuzzy line between occasional gun sellers, who are not required to conduct background checks, and people who are “engaged in the business” of selling firearms, who must have a federal license, conduct background checks, and comply with other federal regulations on dealers.A father selling off part of his personal collection of high-end firearms to finance his son’s college education does not need a federal firearms license, the ATF explained. But a man who lost his job and is now “buying firearms from friends and reselling them though an internet site” does need a license.Experts say there’s some indication that gun sellers operating in this gray area are a problem, and that they play a role in supplying guns to people with criminal records.Daniel Webster, the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, said sellers whose livelihoods don’t depend on gun sales may exercise prudence beyond what’s required by law when making transactions. When he conducted focus groups with gun owners in Texas, he said, many said they would not sell a gun without voluntarily checking whether a potential buyer had a state-issued permit to carry a concealed weapon, so they could be sure they were selling to a person who could legally own a gun.But private sellers who are trying to make a profit may be less scrupulous about whether the person who is buying their gun could pass a background check, Webster said.“If you are, on a regular basis, buying and selling a whole lot of guns and are doing that to make money, I think that probably clouds judgment,” he said.Webster cited a November 2015 study by the gun control group Everytownfor Gun Safety, which analyzed a year’s worth of ads posted by unlicensed sellers on, an online gun marketplace. The report found that a small proportion of unlicensed sellers were selling a very large number of guns on the site: “Those offering 25 or more guns accounted for 1 in 500 sellers but offered 1 in 20 guns,” the report found. These private, high-volume sellers should be required to be licensed, the report concluded.It’s not clear how the findings of this one study might reflect the larger online marketplace for guns—or the broader patterns of offline unlicensed sales.“The bottom line: we don’t know how big this is, but we have enough evidence to know that thousands of guns are being sold by individuals who are selling a lot of guns in fairly risky kinds of ways,” Webster said.The Everytown report also concluded that the vague legal definition of who should be a licensed gun seller had undermined efforts to prosecute people for dealing in firearms without a license.Webster said it would be interesting to see if the White House’s attempt to clarify the law resulted in more cases targeting people for selling guns without a license. “Time will tell,” he said, noting that simply putting a spotlight on these sellers should also have “some deterrent effect.”Even if the president succeeds in shrinking this gray area of the gun market, it’s not clear what effect that might have on gun violence overall.Phil Cook, a Duke University gun policy expert, was one of the researchers who recently surveyed 99 inmates at th

Source: How Much Could Obama’s Gun Moves Affect Gun Violence? Nobody Knows. – ProPublica

this pressed: What does “Schlong” means anyway?


this pressed for Justice: Fara cuvinte — David Simpson (@davidiansimpso3) December 24, 2015


this pressed for our soul: Where Christ Drove Demons into Sea: Archeological Proof

MOREby Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D.17 Dec 2015373Evidence has been uncovered corroborating the site of one of Jesus’ most powerful and dramatic miracles: the casting out of demons into a herd of swine in the land of the Gadarenes (or Gerasenes). Israeli archaeologists have unearthed a 1,500-year-old marble slab with Hebrew inscriptions near Kursi, the spot traditionally associated with the miracle of Christ’s banishment of demons into a herd of swine. Archeologists believe the slab to be a commemoration tablet dating from around 500 AD. The inscription in Hebrew begins with the words “Remembered for good. ”The biblical description of the miracle is one of the most evocative in the entire Gospel. Recounted by Matthew, Mark, and Luke with different nuances, the Gospels depict Jesus in one of His most direct confrontations with Satan.  Mark describes the possessed man as fiercely strong and dangerous. Local citizens had tried in vain to restrain him with shackles and chains, but he broke them to pieces. The man lived among the tombs, howling night and day and gashing himself with stones. He terrified the people so much that no one dared go near. On seeing Jesus approach, the man ran and bowed down before him, while the demons inside him howled and begged Jesus not to torment them.Jesus, meanwhile, was ordering them, “Come out of the man, you unclean spirit! ”When Jesus commanded the demons to identify themselves, they replied, “My name is Legion; for we are many. ”Jesus then cast the demons into a herd of about 2,000 swine grazing on a nearby hillside. The pigs rushed headlong down the steep bank into the sea, where they drowned, to the utter amazement and shock of the townspeople.The healed demoniac, now clothed and in his full senses, begged Jesus to take him back with him, but Jesus told him to stay and proclaim the mercy of God to his family and friends.  The University of Haifa researchers found the marble on the eastern shores of the Sea of Galilee, in Kursi, the historically Gentile district of the Decapolis.  On the slab, scientists also identified the words “amen” and “marmaria,” which could refer to marble or to Mary, Jesus’ mother.Kursi has been identified in Christian tradition with Gadarenes, where the Miracle of the Swine took place. In the fifth and sixth centuries, a Christian church was built to mark the spot of the biblical location but was destroyed by invading Persians in 614 AD and, after being rebuilt, was demolished by fire shortly afterward. The site remained abandoned for most of the following 1,300 years. The church was lost to history until it was uncovered by accident during the building of a new road in 1970. Archaeological excavations continued at the site from 1970-74.  Around the vicinity of the church, caves are still visible, and there is a mountain that drops down into the sea, such as described in the biblical account.Christ’s trip to the land of the Gadarenes (Kursi) was one of his rare visits to Gentile territory, which also explains the presence of the herd of pigs, which was forbidden to the Jews. Jesus Himself had said that He was sent only “to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.”Celebrated Christian apologist Steve Ray, a frequent visitor to Kursi who often leads groups through biblical sites in the Holy Land, told Breitbart News that since Kursi had the largest monastery in Israel, it was obviously held in high esteem by the first Christians. “The early Judeo-Christians remembered the places and events surrounding the life of Christ, and as soon as Christianity was legalized, churches were built on these different sites,” he said. “The more archaeology uncovers,” Ray said, “the more the Bible is confirmed.”Follow Thomas D. Williams on Twitter @tdwilliamsrome.Read More Stories About:Big Government, National Security, Faith, Israel, Bible, satan, Jesus Christ, exorcism, demons, Kursi, archeology, Gadarenes, Gerasenes

Source: Where Christ Drove Demons into Sea: Archeological Proof

this pressed for our spirit!: Orthodox Rabbis Issue Groundbreaking Declaration Affirming ‘Partnership’ With Christianity

MOREA group of prominent Orthodox rabbis in Israel, the United States and Europe have issued a historic public statement affirming that Christianity is “the willed divine outcome and gift to the nations” and urging Jews and Christians to “work together as partners to address the moral challenges of our era.”“Jesus brought a double goodness to the world,” the statement reads. “On the one hand he strengthened the Torah of Moses majestically” and on the other hand “he removed idols from the nations,” instilling them “firmly with moral traits.
”This year 2015 marks the 50th anniversary of Nostra Aetate, the declaration issued in 1965 by the Second Vatican Council, which marked a watershed in Jewish-Christian relations.In language unusual for its day, Nostra Aetate stated that “God holds the Jews most dear,” stressed the great “spiritual patrimony common to Christians and Jews,” and condemned “hatred, persecutions, displays of anti-Semitism, directed against Jews at any time and by anyone.”Now, a group of Jewish leaders has responded in kind, expressing their desire to accept “the hand offered to us by our Christian brothers and sisters.”

“Christians are congregations that work for the sake of heaven who are destined to endure, whose intent is for the sake of heaven and whose reward will not denied,” the text reads. The statement bears the title, “To Do the Will of Our Father in Heaven: Toward a Partnership between Jews and Christians,” and is signed by over 25 prominent Orthodox rabbis, who invite fellow Orthodox rabbis to join in signing the statement. “Now that the Catholic Church has acknowledged the eternal Covenant between G-d and Israel, we Jews can acknowledge the ongoing constructive validity of Christianity as our partner in world redemption, without any fear that this will be exploited for missionary purposes,” it says.

Echoing recent words by Pope Francis, the document states:

“We are no longer enemies, but unequivocal partners in articulating the essential moral values for the survival and welfare of humanity.”“Neither of us can achieve G-d’s mission in this world alone,” it says.

According to Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, one of the statement’s initiators, the “real importance of this Orthodox statement is that it calls for fraternal partnership between Jewish and Christian religious leaders, while also acknowledging the positive theological status of the Christian faith.”“This proclamation’s breakthrough is that influential Orthodox rabbis across all centers of Jewish life have finally acknowledged that Christianity and Judaism are no longer engaged in a theological duel to the death and that Christianity and Judaism have much in common spiritually and practically. Given our toxic history, this is unprecedented in Orthodoxy.” said Rabbi Dr. Eugene Korn, Academic Director of CJCUC.Follow Thomas D. Williams on Twitter @tdwilliamsromeRead More Stories About:National Security, Faith, Breitbart Jerusalem, Vatican, Pope Francis, Christianity, Catholic Church, Judaism, Nostra Aetate, Jewish-Christian relations, orthodox rabbis

Source: Orthodox Rabbis Issue Groundbreaking Declaration Affirming ‘Partnership’ With Christianity

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this pressed For our confusing: The Fed Should Clean Up Excess Reserve Rather Than Raise Rates | Foreign Affairs

For the Fed, Mop Not HikeCleaning Up Excess Reserves Rather Than Raising RatesBy Richard C. KooBy the most recent forecast, the U.S. Federal Reserve is set to raise interet rates on December 16. That it’s happening in the midst of a global economic slowdown is bad news for markets and economies around the world. Even China’s yuan, which had remained stable alongside the strengthening U.S. dollar until recently, had to decouple from it in August to bolster the country’s faltering export industries; it was another decision that shook markets worldwide.Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen has been warning of the coming interest rate hike for some time now. She wanted to sound the alarm sooner rather than later because the Fed has injected some $2.5 trillion in excess reserves—17.6 times more than the statutory reserves needed to support the present level of U.S. money supply and lending activity. When a central bank has created such an unprecedented degree of liquidity, particularly with the U.S. economy doing relatively well, inflation could accelerate much sooner than in the past once the private sector is ready to borrow money again. That could force the Fed into an abrupt tightening, which could be very damaging to the market and the economy. The Fed must also avoid creating the impression of being behind the curve on inflation lest it trigger a bond market crash that could send long-term interest rates rocketing.Kevin Lamarque / ReutersU.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen testifies before the Senate Banking Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, July 15, 2014.In spite of the United States’ relatively strong economy, inflation remained subdued because the private sector still maintained a financial surplus of over six percent of GDP, at least through the year ending in the third quarter of 2015, according to the flow of funds data. This is worrying because it means that the private sector continued to save in spite of zero interest rates, a disturbing trend that began when Lehman Brothers collapsed in 2008. It also indicates that businesses and households are still recovering their balance sheets, which may have been hurt when the housing bubble burst in 2008. Their refusal to borrow means that the liquidity injected by the Fed remained with the financial institutions that received them and has not entered the real economy.The fact that the private sector as a whole is still saving money at zero interest rates is worrying because both Japan in 2000 and Europe in 2011 tried to raise rates under similar conditions but were ultimately forced to take them back to zero. In both cases, the economies turned out to be much weaker than some macro indicators had suggested.The Fed’s need to appear vigilant against inflation while facing a still weak global economy suggests that it should reverse the order of monetary policy normalization set forth in September 2014. At that time, it was decided to raise interest rates first before draining excess reserves because the market is more familiar with rate hikes, while a reserve-draining operation would be the first in history and might create unpredictable disruptions.Since the Fed’s September announcement, however, the dollar has skyrocketed and oil prices have collapsed. This means that inflation is likely to stay subdued, undermining the rationale behind rate hikes.Toru Hanai / ReutersA man is reflected on an electronic board displaying exchange rates, August 11, 2010.Meanwhile, reserve-draining operations generally require the Fed to sell bonds. Although that would tend to push bond prices lower and yields higher, the Bank of Japan’s decision in October 2014 to expand its liquidity injections and the European Central Bank’s decision to do so earlier this year have pushed interest rates in many countries to zero or subzero levels. That move boosted Japanese and European investors’ demand for higher-yielding dollar bonds.This means the Fed has the perfect opportunity right now to sell bonds to drain excess reserves—there is robust overseas demand for U.S. bonds, plenty of domestic savings (at least according to the flow of funds data) to absorb the bonds unloaded by the Fed, and a strong dollar and cheap oil keeping inflation concerns in check. These factors all suggest that any pressures that drive down bond prices and drive up bond yields from a reserve mop-up operation are likely to be modest.In other words, the Fed should drain excess reserves first before raising interest rates. If bond yields do climb excessively because the Fed unloads the bonds, the Fed could always calm the markets by announcing an extension of the zero interest rate policy. When the market realizes that the Fed has this fallback option to keep short-term rates low, long-term interest rates (that is, bond yields) are not likely to go that much higher.Enjoy this free article from Foreign AffairsAll visitors get access to one full-length article each month. Register for free to continue readi

Source: The Fed Should Clean Up Excess Reserve Rather Than Raise Rates | Foreign Affairs

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