Fabulous Performances: Sayaka Shoji – Tchaikovsky : Violin Concerto in D major op.35 (YouTube Viral – 2,429,203 [posted: Oct 14, 2011]


Sayaka Shoji is the first Japanese and youngest winner at the Paganini Competition in Genoa in 1999.
She was born into an artistic family and spent her childhood in Siena, Italy. She studied at Hochschule für Musik Köln under Zakhar Bron and graduated in 2004. Her other teachers have included Sashko Gawrillow, Uto Ughi and Shlomo Mintz.

Zubin Mehta has been her strong supporter. When Shoji auditioned for him in 2000, he immediately changed his schedule in order to make her first recording with the Israel Philharmonic possible in the following month, then invited her to perform with Bavarian State Opera and Los Angeles Philharmonic. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

New at euzicasa: Valentina Lisitsa – Franz Liszt – Hungarian Rhapsody No 12

[Quelle: Servus TV]

“The summer has finally arrived to Paris: balmy 30 degrees, sweaty tourists…. It is even more amazing that the moment music begins sounding all those people who a minute ago were hurrying along busily , those people suddenly stop in their tracks and dive into the magic of sound, like it was a cool pool. Enjoy this short report for http://www.streetpianos.com and next time you suddenly hear piano sounds on a hot summer day on a street – it’s not an aural mirage , it’s for real – come and join in !” Continue reading

WordPress.com: Should “Settings” Be Your Choice? (Please take part in this important survey)


I have recently experienced some unwanted activity on my website. To be more specific, some of the followers have associated with you too, my very welcome and followers.

In today’s world ,  I should think that the most fundamental right as a blog administrator would be to decides, upon revising the content who will, or not be approved to become your blogging family.
As I requested several times and through different avenues, WordPress.com so far dismissed my requests to implement Setting choices, allowing us to decide who will, or will not follow us, based upon subject matter, interests, language, and so many other valid criteria in existence here at WordPress.com.  

At this time WordPress.com has no way to allow us the choice of moderating access, compared to Twitter, or even Facebook.

I think that Twitter services have a direct, easy to use, friendly way of empowering a member to freedom of association, and everyone of us is entitled to, without having o ask WordPress.com administration to do that for us upon request (which as I said earlier does not work, or even worse to have to directly contact such followers, which is beneath me (at least).

Here is how Twitter deal with this issue, at a immediate action of the twitter user (highlighted in yellow): 

Twitter v. WordPress Settings

Twitter v. WordPress Settings

Following is a Poll (my first) asking for your input in this issue, and the question is:

“Should the administrator of a WordPress.com be allowed to decide upon the membership at their site?”

Should you need further clarification on this matter, please feel free to comment, before voting! 

Thank you Friends! (as you can see this is NOT about you, it is about us all, I am sure you can too see why

Following is one example for the reasons I requested that word.press.com, allow for administrators’ settings. It would save time, and allow one the peace and tranquility of not having to interact with unwitty profane and vulgar characters!

Phylospher's Stone


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Hello World!

Air bridge overheadWelcome to: euzicasa.wordpress.com 

        This website is about art, artists and the way some of them  have influenced my whole life.
If at times the content may seem nostalgic, is only when it resonate in quality, in message and in power to influence human knowledge of one’s feelings.
        I am reminded of the little time we have to meditate upon the beauty around us, in an infinity of forms.
It is a duty, I think to share values, like leaflets over a monotonous life, and troubled civilization, away from the roll of coins that cannot buy neither a soul, nor that which makes us human.
        So happy trails, and I hope you too will find something in theses pages that you’ll like to share with others.

Thank You Friends,

George. Continue reading

Danee Robinson – Debussy’s 1883 “Mandoline”, L 29 (The poem of Paul Verlaine)

Danee Robinson is gifted with a pure, soprano angelic voice. She is an evolving presence in the world of classical music, and is getting more and more attention in the world of music, from an ever larger audience. 

How to describe in words her presence in the universe that’s larger than any imagination, the universe of music:

‘I am therefore I sing’

I feel  her  message  throughout her musical career, in her album “Canto di Gioia” (Song of Joy) on stage, and in this beautiful interpretation of “Mandoline”, composed by Claude Debussy, in 1883, for piano and soloist on the poem of Paul Verlaine. A composition exuding youth, and its capacity of playfulness, freedom and happyness…Of love everlasting. Continue reading

Defense of our borders: a constitutional obligation, not a politcal option! – Governer Rick Perry.

Defense of our borders: a constitutional obligation, not a politcal option!  Governer Rick Perry.

Lady with a fan, Gustav Klimt

Lady with a fan, Gustav Klimt

My Duck today 

My Duck today 

My Chakra today 

My Chakra today 

My pot with flowers today no.1 

My pot with flowers today no.1 

” Portrait of Michelangelo ” 1550- 55Artist : Daniele da VolterraLocation: Teylers Museum , Haarlem

” Portrait of Michelangelo ” 1550- 55

Artist : Daniele da Volterra

Period: Mannerism ( late Renaissance)

Location: Teylers Museum , Haarlem

” Call of the Sons of Zebedee ” 1510By Marco Basaiti Galleria dell’Academia, Venice, Italy

” Call of the Sons of Zebedee ” 1510

By Marco Basaiti 

Period: Haute Renaissance 

Galleria dell’Academia, Venice, Italy

Watch “”Somewhere In Time” – Complete Soundtrack” on YouTube

Watch “”Somewhere In Time” – Complete Soundtrack” on YouTube

Watch “johnny cash – hurt (lyrics)” on YouTube

France 24 :  US demands tighter airline security, threatens total electronics ban

US demands tighter airline security, threatens total electronics ban

The Homeland Security Department is demanding that airlines around the world step up security measures for international flights bound for the United States or face the possibility of a total electronics ban for planes.


BBC News: US holds off expanding airline laptop ban as new rules laid out

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

US holds off expanding airline laptop ban as new rules laid out – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-40437926

BBC News: Migrant crisis: Italy threatens to shut ports

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Migrant crisis: Italy threatens to shut ports – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-40437917

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White-naped Xenopsaris (young) at Capivara – Santa Fe – Argentina

Today’s Holiday:Montreal Jazz Festival

Today’s Holiday:
Montreal Jazz Festival

What has been called the most important cultural event in Canada and the largest jazz festival in the world, the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal has attracted some of the greatest names in jazz—including Miles Davis, Ray Charles, and Dizzy Gillespie. More than a million people come to the festival, about one-fourth of them from outside Montreal. Montreal’s streets are closed for the 11 days of the festival to make room for the outdoor performances, which take place rain or shine, and represent a mix of traditional, modern, and innovative jazz. More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Today’s Birthday:Melvin Kaminsky, AKA Mel Brooks (1926)

Today’s Birthday:
Melvin Kaminsky, AKA Mel Brooks (1926)

Brooks is an American film director, writer, actor, and producer best known for his wild parodies that mix satire with slapstick. He started out as a television comedy writer but soon turned to film. He won an Oscar for his first feature film, The Producers (1968), a comic masterpiece of bad taste, and followed it with such films as the Western-inspired Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein, a parody of the horror genre. Who speaks the only word in his Silent Movie? More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

This Day in History:Stonewall Riots Begin (1969)

This Day in History:
Stonewall Riots Begin (1969)

In 1969, gay rights in the US were virtually nonexistent, and discrimination was routine. On June 28, police raided the Stonewall Inn, a popular Mob-run gay bar in New York’s Greenwich Village, and began arresting patrons for cross-dressing. A crowd gathered outside, taunting police and throwing debris. The police responded with violence. Protest rallies and more riots followed, marking the awakening of the US gay rights movement. How long after the riots were the first Gay Pride marches held? More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Quote of the Day:Henry Fielding

Quote of the Day:
Henry Fielding

Custom may lead a
man into many errors; but it justifies none. More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Article of the Day:Cyclo-Cross

Article of the Day:

Performed on short courses featuring pavement, wooded trails, grass, steep hills, and obstacles, cyclo-cross is a form of bicycle racing that requires riders to dismount, carry their bikes while maneuvering around obstructions, and remount without losing speed. Some trace the origins of the sport to the early 1900s, when European road racers would race to the next town by cutting through fields, over fences, and taking various other shortcuts. Why did the sport gain popularity in 1910? More…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Idiom of the Day:inner circle

Idiom of the Day:
inner circle

A small, exclusive, and intimate group of like-minded people sharing a common goal, pursuit, or purpose. Watch the video…: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch

Word of the Day: baleful

Word of the Day: 

Definition: (adjective) Threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments.
Synonyms: menacing, minacious, minatory, ominous, sinister, threatening, forbidding
Usage: He sprang on the horse of a Blackfoot warrior whom he had slain, and escaping at full speed, brought home the baleful tidings to his village.: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tfd.mobile.TfdSearch


Watch “The Mission – Gabriel’s Oboe (Full HD)” on YouTube

In our childhood (and the childhood of humanity) everything we could not explain, we attributed to God, to the suprenatural, or to our parents!!! 🙂

Cat in boots…: Watch “Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made For Walking (1966 Original)” on YouTube

Watch “Killing Me Softly With Her Song ( 1973 ) – PERRY COMO – Lyrics” on YouTube

Watch “Tennessee Waltz ( 1959 ) – CONNIE FRANCIS – Lyrics” on YouTube

Watch “I’ll Never Fall In Love Again ( 1969 ) – DIONNE WARWICK – Lyrics” on YouTube

oldies but very goodies!  🙂


What do you get when you fall in love?
A guy with a pin to burst your bubble
That’s what you get for all your trouble
I’ll never fall in love again
I’ll never fall in love again

What do you get when you kiss a guy?
You get enough germs to catch pneumonia
After you do, he’ll never phone ya
I’ll never fall in love again
Dontcha know that I’ll never fall in love again?

Don’t tell me what it’s all about
‘Cause I’ve been there and I’m glad I’m out
Out of those chains, those chains that bind you
That is why I’m here to remind you

What do you get when you fall in love?
You only get lies and pain and sorrow
So far at least until tomorrow
I’ll never fall in love again
No, no, I’ll never fall in love again

Ahh, out of those chains, those chains that bind you
That is why I’m here to remind you

What do you get when you fall in love?
You only get lies and pain and sorrow
So far at least until tomorrow
I’ll never fall in love again
Dontcha know that I’ll never fall in love again
I’ll never fall in love again

Written by Hal David, Burt Bacharach • Copyright © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc, BMG Rights Management US, LLC

Watch “”Spring Time on the Rockies” by a superb autoharp quartet: “Four Seasons” (Autoharp Group)” on YouTube

Watch “Hallelujah Easter Version, by Kelley Mooney” on YouTube

France 24 :  EU hits Google with record €2.4bn euro antitrust fine

EU hits Google with record €2.4bn euro antitrust fine

The European Union’s competition watchdog has slapped a record 2.42 billion euro ($2.72 billion) fine on internet giant Google for breaching antitrust rules with its online shopping service.


France 24 :  Netherlands found partially liable for Srebrenica massacre deaths

Netherlands found partially liable for Srebrenica massacre deaths

A Dutch appeals court ruled Tuesday that the government was partially liable in the deaths of more than 300 Muslim men killed by Bosnian Serb forces in the 1995 Srebrenica massacre.


BBC News: George Soros ‘plotted to oust Equatorial Guinea’s leader’

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

George Soros ‘plotted to oust Equatorial Guinea’s leader’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-40420872

BBC News: Republicans delay Senate healthcare vote

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Republicans delay Senate healthcare vote – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-40424962

BBC News: Global ransomware attack causes turmoil

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Global ransomware attack causes turmoil – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-40416611

” Angel With Candlestick ” 1494-1495 Artist: Michelangelo Buonarotti

” Angel With Candlestick ” 1494-1495 

Artist: Michelangelo Buonarotti 

Period: Haute Renaissance 

Location: San Domenico , Bologna , Italia 

Marble Sculpture

Watch “The Lord’s Prayer (Kay Chung, autoharp)” on YouTube

A superb interpretation!!!

Watch “Nabucco – Hebrew Slaves Chorus” on YouTube

” The Separation of Light from Darkness ” 1511 by Michelangelo Buonarotti Fresco painting at Sistina Cappella , Vatican Period: Haute Renaissance

” The Separation of Light from Darkness ” 1511 by Michelangelo Buonarotti 

Fresco painting at Sistina Cappella , Vatican 

Period: Haute Renaissance

” The Deluge ” 1508-1509 (detail ),By Michelangelo Buonarotti Fresco at Cappella Sistina in Vatican

” The Deluge ” 1508-1509 (detail )

By Michelangelo Buonarotti 

Period: Haute Renaissance

Fresco at Cappella Sistina in Vatican

Ambrosius Benson(c.1495-1550,  Flemish)Madonna and Child (16th century)Oil on panel (14,5×14,5cm)

Ambrosius Benson(c.1495-1550,  Flemish)

Madonna and Child (16th century)

Oil on panel (14,5×14,5cm)

” St. Anne With the Virgin and the Child Embracing a Lamb ” circa 1520-1525Artist: Francesco Melzi 

” St. Anne With the Virgin and the Child Embracing a Lamb ” circa 1520-1525

Artist: Francesco Melzi 

Period: Haute Renaissance 

Location: Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence, Italy

Watch “Vivaldi: Complete Cello Concertos” on YouTube

 France 24 :   Trump ends White House tradition of celebrating end of Ramadan…:  Yeah, finally somebody makes sense!…Trump ends White House tradition of celebrating end of Ramadan

Trump ends White House tradition of celebrating end of Ramadan

US President Donald Trump broke a two-decade-long tradition this weekend by not hosting a White House dinner to celebrate Eid, marking the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.


The three-day Eid al-Fitr holiday began on Friday and marks the end of a month of sunrise-to-sunset fasting which is intended to bring the faithful closer to God and remind them of the suffering of the sick and poor.

The news of Trump’s decision to not host the dinner — which prominent US Muslim leaders, diplomats and legislators usually attend — has been widely criticised.
“It is disappointing because that’s been a good tradition,” Imam Talib Shareef of the Nation’s Mosque in Washington, D.C., was quoted astelling Newsweek. “To stop it doesn’t send a good message. You get the chance to go golfing and all this other kind of stuff. How come you don’t have time for a population of your society that needs some assistance? The message that it sends is that we’re not that important,” he said.
Trump has repeatedly come under fire for what has been perceived as anti-Muslim rhetoric, especially during his presidential campaign, when he called on the surveillance of US mosques as well as a ban on Muslims entering the country.

It is the first Iftar — the celebratory meal Muslims eat to break their fast — dinner not to be held at the White House since 1999 when former president Bill Clinton made it an annual tradition. Instead, Trump limited his marking of Eid to a statement sending “warm greetings” to Muslims observing it around the world.

“Muslims in the United States joined those around the world during the holy month of Ramadan to focus on acts of faith and charity,” the Saturday statement read.
“During this holiday, we are reminded of the importance of mercy, compassion, and goodwill. With Muslims around the world, the United States renews our commitment to honour these values. Eid Mubarak.”
Furthermore, earlier this year he issued a controversial ban on travellers from several predominantly Muslim countries, including Iran, Libya, Syria and Yemen, to protect the US from “terrorism”. The ban however was blocked by US courts on discriminatory grounds.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also issued a statement on Eid on Saturday.

“This holiday marks the culmination of Ramadan, a month in which many experience meaning and inspiration in acts of fasting, prayer, and charity.

“This day offers an opportunity to reflect on our shared commitment to building peaceful and prosperous communities. Eid Mubarak.”

President Thomas Jefferson, who was an advocate for religious freedom, is reportedly the first US President to have hosted an Iftar dinner at the White House in 1805.

BBC News: Painter Salvador Dali’s body to be exhumed for paternity suit

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Painter Salvador Dali’s body to be exhumed for paternity suit – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-40405421

BBC News: Trump travel ban injunction lifted in part by Supreme Court

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Trump travel ban injunction lifted in part by Supreme Court – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-40409490


https://asil Basilico Ocimum basilicum albahaca (Thai Basil)/wiki/Busuioc?wprov=sfla1

asil Basilico Ocimum basilicum albahaca (Thai Basil)

Ramura de măslin 

Ramura de măslin 

The School of Athens is a fresco painting by Italian high Renaissance master Raphael

The School of Athens is a fresco painting by Italian high Renaissance master Raphael , it is part of Stanza della Segnatura in Palazzi Pintifici in Vatican ..painted between 1510 and 1511

Watch “Dvořák – Piano quintet op.81 – Smetana SQ / Hála” on YouTube