New at euzicasa: Valentina Lisitsa – Franz Liszt – Hungarian Rhapsody No 12

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“The summer has finally arrived to Paris: balmy 30 degrees, sweaty tourists…. It is even more amazing that the moment music begins sounding all those people who a minute ago were hurrying along busily , those people suddenly stop in their tracks and dive into the magic of sound, like it was a cool pool. Enjoy this short report for and next time you suddenly hear piano sounds on a hot summer day on a street – it’s not an aural mirage , it’s for real – come and join in !”

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Valentina Lisitsa
Valentina Lisitsa beside a piano
Pianist Valentina Lisitsa
Background information
Born 1973
Genres Classical
Occupations Classical Pianist
Instruments Piano

Valentina Lisitsa (Ukrainian: Валентина Лисиця, translit. Valentyna Lysytsya) is a Ukrainian-born and trained classicalpianist who resides in North Carolina.[1][2] Lisitsa is among the most frequently viewed pianists on YouTube; and is often praised as a highly commendable pianist.[3][4] Lisitsa followed a unique path to success, independently launching the beginnings of her career via social media, without initially signing to a tour promoter or record company.[3][4]

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34 responses to “New at euzicasa: Valentina Lisitsa – Franz Liszt – Hungarian Rhapsody No 12

  1. Thank you George for the likes much appreciated.Cheers.

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  2. found your blog by chance and decided to follow, great work here


  3. hi george! thanks for dropping in at my blog! been a long time…everything ok and ship-shape?


  4. Congratulations!

    I have nominated your site for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    More about this nomination is at


  5. I like Hungarian Rhapsody. I visited Hungary some years ago. I feel a profound tone in this performance.


  6. I Nominate you for a Super Bunch of Awards – 30 Nominations
    please choose any 3 awards out of the 30
    accept it and oblige

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  7. The Hungarian half of me sends you a sincere thank you for this lovely respite.


    • So rewarding to know that the musical universe I was raised in, was populated by other music lovers: nothing more beautiful that Liszt’s rhapsodies. I am glad that you have enjoyed Valentina’s heartfelt interpretation!


  8. what a soothing post, george…you made my day, sir!


  9. Lovely treat, George, many thanks.


  10. Merci, George! 🙂 Valentina e extrem de talentata… Am locuit 8 ani la Paris si confirm ca unele veri erau la fel de fierbinti ca cele de-aci din sud-vestu’ Frantei, regiunea toulouseana unde locuiesc dupa 5 ani în USofA… 🙂 Salutari amicale, sanatate si-o saptamâna formidabila! Mélanie


  11. Yes, Paris is full of music, art, life as far as I can remember from last year’s trip.


  12. I love piano melodies in the open air!


  13. Thanks for posting a beautiful piece long forgotten, but much loved.


    • My pleasure: We do tend to forget the past, good and bad, some find solace in that…I don’t: I find it in remembering and sharing it when possible, and also bringing it inot the present as reenacted by very special old-to-be-in-few-decade people, who make the past as much part of the present, as we do…NO, it is not the competition making us do it, in fact…there isn’t one in this area…And we have only time to thank for that! That same time that rounded the edges of the hardest materials, and created the image of Earth that it is presented to us today!
      Thank you for your thought provoking comment, and kind word!



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