Watch “Csárdás- Vittorio Monti ( violin and piano)” on YouTube

Csárdás – Vittorio Monti (Violin & Piano)

Published on Feb 4, 2014Monti’s famous Csárdás (Czardas), performed on Violin and Piano. NOW AVAILABLE ON GOOGLE PLAY MUSIC -… To see more videos and behind the scenes information, visit — Credits — Violin – Nancy Webb Piano, Audio/Video/Editing – Liam Webb Audio, Roadie, Movement Coach – Nathan Webb Roadie, BTS Camera – Peter Webb



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Watch “Schwanengesang (“Swan Song”) by Schubert with English Subtitles arr.Liszt Valentina Lisitsa” on YouTube

Schwanengesang (“Swan Song”) by Schubert with English translation

Published on March 25, 2017

These are the very last songs that Schubert wrote before his death at age of 31. Few other pieces exist that would match the depth of despair, depression and hopelessness in this music. It is futile to describe what’s happening in this music , what is the story… The subtitled lyrics are eloquent enough. If you need the text in languages other than original German and English, here is a link :… I wish I could say “Enjoy” but this is NOT music for enjoyment but rather for catharsis. Good luck on your journey.




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Watch “Faberware toaster oven rotisserie chicken” on YouTube (my convention oven, Farberware is 16 months old! Help me celebrate!)

Bon Apétit! 

Watch “Beethoven “Für Elise” Valentina Lisitsa Seoul Philharmonic ValentinaLisitsa 6,644,365 views (as of 2″ on YouTube

Watch “Valentina Lisitsa – Moonlight Sonata Op.27 No.2 Mov.1,2,3 (Beethoven)” on YouTube

Watch “March 25, 2017. Dvořák Symphony No 9 “New World” Celibidache, Münchner Philharmoniker, 1991″ on YouTube

Published on Apr 12, 2013 

Dvořák – Symohony No. 9 in E minor op. 95 “From The New World” 

Münchner Philharmoniker conducted by Sergiu Celibidache Recorded 1991 

1. Adagio – Allegro molto 

2. Largo

 3. Scherzo. Molto vivace 

4. Allegro con fuoco

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You too can save the planet: just making one to pay for his shopping plastic bags…will not protect our planet from pollution…it will put undeserved money in the wrong pockets!!! That’s for sure!!!  10 creative ways to make beautiful flowerpots from ordinary plastic bottles

10 creative ways to make beautiful flowerpots from ordinary plastic bottles

Houseplants always beautify and improve the design of our indoor space. Sometimes there is a need to transfer them to other pots. However, you don’t have to rush to the store to find something beautiful for your flowers. With a little bit of creativity and patience you can make absolutely wonderful flowerpots from ordinary plastic bottles that will please the eye and add extra charm to the interior of your house.

Today, Bright Side presents 10 incredible ways to help you create cute flowerpots from ordinary plastic bottles.

A flowerpot from colorful yarns

Here is how you can create this beautiful flowerpot from an empty plastic bottle and colourful yarns.

A hanging pot

Recycle your lotion or shampoo bottle into a creative flowerpot. Follow the instructions here.

A bear and a bunny

A perfect idea for those who love drawing. The step-by-step tutorial for this cute project is here.

Flowerpots in the decoupage style

This is how you can make beautiful DIY hanging pots from ordinary bottles to improve your house or garden design.

Ancient-style flowerpots

These wonderful flowerpots made from plastic bottles and CDs will help you create the atmosphere of Ancient Greece in your house. Click here for more instructions.

Kids will definitely appreciate this funny and cute idea and will be actively involved in its creation process.

Learn how to make these lovely piglet planters for your house and garden by following these instructions.

Hanging planters

Who said you can only use the bottom part of the bottles to make wonderful planters?! Here are the instructions for this project.

A vertical garden

This is how you can make this amazing vertical garden in front of your house.

Funny planters for kids

Old plastic bottles and containers are perfect materials for creating cute new buddies for your kids. Find the detailed instructions here.

Preview photo credit eHowdenisemeneghello 

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    The Art of Negotiation – Fifth Element | euzicasa

    Watch “Man Saves Pelican with Fishing Wire Around its Beak” on YouTube

    Man Saves Pelican With Fishing Wire Around Its Beak – NTD Inspired

    Man Saves Pelican With Fishing Wire Around Its Beak

    March 17, 2017

    Animals can be scary especially the wild ones so it’s not surprising why we feel that way towards them. However, it’s the innate character of humans which tells us that when a situation calls for one, we’ll be there to help whoever or whatever it is. It’s humbling to know that those people still exist today just like this man in the video.

    Apparently, he noticed a pelican in need with a fishing wire wrapped around its beak. He could tell that it was struggling so with enough caution, he hurriedly came to its rescue. The man was able to grab the pelican’s legs before it even escapes.
    Pelicans suffered from habitat destruction, disturbance, pollution and have been persecuted because they are deemed as competition for fishing. These birds are characterized by their long beak and a large throat pouch used for catching prey so given the situation, it can hurt people but this didn’t stop the man. With a help from another person, they held it, made sure that its beak was shut close and shortly after, it was released from pain. They then let it fly, now finally free.

    That’s really one great deed they did there and I agree to what the woman said in the background–AWESOME!

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    Bernaert van Orley (c.1488–1492–1541) (attributed to) Annunciation.

    Ellie’s a very talented young lady! Enjoy and see for yourselves! :) ;) :)  Watch “What’s gone viral: Ellie’s Talent Show Competition!” on YouTube

     Exceptional interpretations:  Watch “Beethoven Piano Sonata no. 24 op. 78, Fflat Major, À Thérèse. Piano Eric Heidsieck (most beautiful)” on YouTube

    Watch “Rodrigo y Gabriela – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)” on YouTube

    The Art of Negotiation – Fifth Element | euzicasa

    Watch “J.Brahms. Selected works from Op. 10, 76, 116, 117, 118, 119 Valentina Lisitsa” on YouTube

    Beautiful compositions: Watch “Dvorak – Humoresque (original)” on YouTube

    Watch “A. Dvořák – Piano Concerto in G Minor, Op. 33 (Live)” on YouTube

    Watch “Dvořák – The Water Goblin” on YouTube

    Watch “Austin City Limits 1411: Leonard Cohen” on YouTube



    BBC News: London attack: Khalid Masood identified as killer

    I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

    London attack: Khalid Masood identified as killer –


    ” The Holy Family with a Lamb ” 1507Artist : Raphael Period : Haute Renaissance Location: Museo del Prado , Madrid, Spain


    Copilul nu datoreaza parintilor viata, ci cresterea.__________Nicolae Iorga

    “Fluturele Albastru” (“the Blue Butterfly”)

    Fluturele Albastru ( the blue butterfly )

    My Duck today no.2 

    My Duck today no.2

    La Buşteni 

    La Buşteni

    Un sătuc 

    Un sătuc


    My Chakra today 

    My Duck today 

    My Duck today

    My birds on the wire today 

    My birds on the wire today

    Cetatea FĂGĂRAŞULUI 


    Watch “F Schubert Trout quintet theme and variations” on YouTube

    Watch “F Schubert Trout quintet theme and variations” on YouTube

    Watch “Amazing Tango” on YouTube

    Watch “TANGO DANCE ~ best tango dance performances ever” on YouTube

    Watch “John Powell – Assassin’s Tango” on YouTube

    Watch “Beautiful Sexy Girl Vietnam Traditional #8 || Amazing beautiful girl Throwing water fishing” on YouTube

    Watch “PAPILLON 1973 photos tournage” on YouTube

    Watch “Papillon – Steve McQueen Outstanding Performance in Solitary Confinement – HD” on YouTube

    Today’s Holiday:Argentina National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice

    Today’s Holiday:
    Argentina National Day of Memory for Truth and Justice

    In Argentina, this is a public holiday that commemorates all those who lost their lives or otherwise suffered under the National Reorganization Process, a military dictatorship that seized power in Argentina on March 24, 1976. The junta held power for eight years, and in that time, at least 30,000 citizens were kidnapped, tortured, and executed for their political views. Around the country, art exhibitions, poetry readings, prayer services, and other cultural events are dedicated to remembering the events of March 24. More…:

    Today’s Birthday:Terrence Steven “Steve” McQueen (1930

    Today’s Birthday:
    Terrence Steven “Steve” McQueen (1930
    After a tumultuous childhood, reform school, and a stint in the US Marines, McQueen studied acting in New York, earning money on the weekends by racing motorcycles. He gained attention on Broadway and went on to star as a cool, stoic loner in many films, including The Great Escape and Papillon. In Bullitt’s famous car chase scene, he even did some of the stunt driving. When he was 18 years old, McQueen saved the lives of five fellow Marines in the Arctic. How? More…:

    This Day in History:Elvis Presley Inducted into the US Army (1958)

    This Day in History:
    Elvis Presley Inducted into the US Army (1958)

    Though World War II ended in 1945, military conscription in the US continued in peacetime, and in 1957, the 22-year-old “King of Rock and Roll” was drafted for a two-year stint in the army. Despite concerns about his career, Presley did not try to avoid service and was inducted into the army at Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, in a ceremony mobbed by photographers. Five months later, and just a month before he was shipped out to Germany, Presley was granted a short emergency leave for what reason? More…:

    Quote of the Day:Agatha Christie

    Quote of the Day:
    Agatha Christie

    Where large sums of money are concerned, it is advisable to trust nobody. More…:

    Article of the Day:Kayan Neck Rings. (Câte bordeie, atâtea obiceie) :)

    Article of the Day:
    Kayan Neck Rings

    The Kayan are a Tibeto-Burman ethnic group known for their unusual tradition of body modification, which consists of coiling lengths of brass around women’s necks. The coils are first applied to young girls when they are approximately five years old, and each coil is replaced with a longer one as the weight of the brass pushes the collar bone down and compresses the rib cage. Contrary to popular belief, the neck vertebrae are not actually lengthened. Can wearers remove the rings entirely? More…:

    Idiom of the Day:go to hell in a handcart

    Idiom of the Day:
    go to hell in a handcart

    To be in an extremely and increasingly bad or ruinous condition; to be on the inevitable path to utter failure or ruin. Watch the video…:

    Word of the Day:prejudicious

    Word of the Day:

    Definition: (adjective) Causing harm or injury.
    Synonyms: damaging, detrimental, prejudicial
    Usage: The reporter’s coverage resulted in prejudicious publicity for the defendant.:

    Soare si nori, in Breaza de Făgăraş !

    Soare si nori, in Breaza de Făgăraş !

    Spotted Hawk. Northern Cheyenne. Montana. 1890. Photo by Christian Barthelmess. Source – Montana Historical Society.

    Spotted Hawk. Northern Cheyenne. Montana. 1890. Photo by Christian Barthelmess. Source – Montana Historical Society.

    Pablo Picasso- Blue Nude 1902

    Pablo Picasso- Blue Nude 1902