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Niccolò Machiavelli (1469)

Machiavelli was a prominent Florentine author and statesman. He entered political service in 1498 and became acquainted with power politics through diplomatic missions, but he eventually fell out of favor and died embittered. His best-known work, The Prince, describes the means by which a leader may gain and maintain power. The adjective “Machiavellian” has since come to describe amoral cunning and justification by power. Did Machiavelli write the work as serious advice or as satire? More… Discuss

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From Der Spiegel: ‘No Longer in the Cold War’: Merkel Infuriated by US Spying

From Der Spiegel - 'No Longer in the Cold War'- Merkel Infuriated by US Spying

From Der Spiegel – ‘No Longer in the Cold War‘- Merkel Infuriated by US Spying (click to access report)

Excerpts from Report: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has compared US spying to Cold War tactics and Brussels wants EU facilities checked for American eavesdropping equipment. Concern is growing the scandal could seriously damage trans-Atlantic relations. 
The German government reacted strongly on Monday to media reports that the United States has spent years spying on the European Union and on specific European countries. Meanwhile, European Union leaders have both reviled the US for allegedly bugging EU diplomatic missions in Washington, DC, and New York and ordered that bloc facilities be searched for American eavesdropping equipment.”


Today’s Birthday: JOHN QUINCY ADAMS (1767)

John Quincy Adams (1767)

The son of a US president, Adams accompanied his father on diplomatic missions as a child and began his own political career at 14. A talented ambassador, he became secretary of state under President James Monroe. In 1824, he defeated Andrew Jackson in the presidential race, but he was unpopular in this role and lost to Jackson in the next election. He was then elected to Congress, where he served until his death. An outspoken opponent of slavery, he defended what famous mutineers in 1841? More… Discuss