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this pressed: Graffiti rearing its ugly head again in NYC

Graffiti rearing its ugly head again in NYC

Graffiti, a “broken windows” indicator about the quality of life in any city, is starting a slow, ugly creep around the Big Apple — with new tags appearing nightly.

via Graffiti rearing its ugly head again in NYC.


Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960)

A 1980s art star whose rise and fall were rapid, dramatic, and emblematic of the era, Basquiat started out as a street artist before being “discovered” by the art establishment. He created vigorously spontaneous works in paint, collage, and crayon on unprimed canvas that featured crude, angry, rawly powerful figures and graffiti-like text. He died of an overdose at 27, just a few years after meeting with mainstream success and months after the death of what other artist, his friend and mentor? More… Discuss