Harlequinade was a type of theatrical performance popular in 18th-century Britain. It was a slapstick adaptation of the commedia dell’arte, itself a 16th-century Italian comedy tradition featuring stock characters in improvised performances. A typical Harlequinade showcased a series of interwoven scenes culminating in a skit about the clever protagonist Harlequin and his love interest, Columbine. Which Harlequinade character became so popular that he remains instantly recognizable today? More… Discuss

4 responses to “Harlequinade

  1. hi George,
    you have another gravatar at twitter!
    very purple (bizzaar, burlesque, harlequinesque):
    Prince and Beyonce with PURPLE RAIN


    • Well, I was thinking more like bard, for you, and for myself a Santa! (or whatever): check my last poetic thought “Alchemy: moments to jewels”, lots of magenta, red, yellow…

      Thankd Frizztext, “Be you and enjoy it!” (this is what Dara likes to say)


  2. I also try some Harlequinades in my blog playing guitar …


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