Quotation: Jerome K. Jerome about human memory

The music of life would be mute if the chords of memory were snapped asunder.

Jerome K. Jerome (1859-1927) Discuss

4 responses to “Quotation: Jerome K. Jerome about human memory

  1. Author of Three Men in a Boat


    • …(To say nothing of the dog).and the sequel: Three men on bicycles. The only books that makes one laugh to exhaustion (or until it hurts)


      • I haven’t read yet, but I have a copy on order coming from England.


      • So there still good things crossing the pond… 🙂 Did you try Gutenberg project? (See the widget on the sidebar of my website)
        You will enjoy the three friends touring Germany on bikes!

        I first read them translated in Romanian and they were very funny, as the translator was a very good writer. But in time I got the appreciation of the original English writing.
        Thanks for the conversation!

        I took the time to check Project Gutemberg, and found only Three men in a boat, both audio and text, if you care to check those out, but nothing on the the other one!


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