A Word Can Spoil a Thousand Moments, poetic thought by George-B

A word can spoil a thousand moments, poetic thought by George-B

A word can spoil a thousand moments,
A syllable can kill,
A letter, just, or wrong, can be as brave a say,
Or just a branding tool: “You’re mine”, “I’m yours”
Or so and so, “A” is for The one, “a” is for anyone,
“L” is for love, whatever love may be,
“P” is for power of patriotism,
for whoever has a patriotic claim on
land, or water, or air, and above, and life,
especially another one’s,
a claim to ownership, a claim to all existence

You may think you make decisions for yourself…
Truth be told:
Life and circumstance ultimately always make your decisions for you!

I miss you more today, that I used to, twenty year ago…
I am worried about the evolvement of this trend say…over the next decade…

Will I miss you then?

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