Culture, (poetic thought by George-B)

Culture, (poetic thought by George-B)

I love not the writer but I adore their publishing houses…
they got so much talent to choose.

I don’t like the artist, but I adore their great galleries,
and their critics,
and their vision,
and binding contracts, and their percentages… 

I don’t like the musician, the singer,
but I adore their impresarios, 
those who make you, those who break you…

And then… then there are the fans, the crowd, the admirers, and adulators,
the go-gos, the come-ons and the goers,
the pool of bodies and minds behind the entire CULTURE…

But them the creator only, if anybody,
knows what their creation is about, isn’t it?

So in the end…It is the creator, and the creation,
and then the question.  And the question is: ‘Will they like me?’

And then the question is: ‘Will they approve of my presence?’

And then the question is: ‘Will I become a star?’ 

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