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Quotation: Virginia Woolf on independence and marriage

Well, I really don’t advise a woman who wants to have things her own way to get married.

Virginia Woolf (1882-1941) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: PIERRE CULLIFORD, AKA PEYO (1928)

Pierre Culliford, AKA Peyo (1928)

Born Pierre Culliford, Belgian comics artist Peyo is known for creating Les Schtroumpfs, better known to English speakers as The Smurfs. The little, blue characters debuted in a supporting role in Peyo’s series Johan and Peewit and then began appearing on their own in 1959. Smurf merchandise, particularly figurines, along with animated films and television shows, helped their popularity soar, and the Smurfs became an international phenomenon. How did Peyo get his pseudonym? More…Discuss



Doctorate in Philosophy Awarded to a Woman for the First Time (1678)

Born to a noble Venetian family, Elena Cornaro Piscopia became the first woman to be awarded a doctorate in philosophy. A child prodigy, Piscopia went on to complete a brilliant course of study at the University of Padua. During her graduation ceremony, she spoke in classical Latin for an hour, explaining passages from Aristotle. She spent the next several years devoted to study and charity before dying of tuberculosis at age 38. How many languages did she master before receiving her doctorate? More… Discuss


The Typewriter Leroy Anderson Martin Breinschmid with Strauß Festival

Viennese Percussionist Martin Breinschmid with his version of the “Typewriter” Live at the BASF concert hall Ludwigshafen, Germany 2008, Strauß Festival Orchestra Vienna

Leroy Anderson – Forgotten Dreams (“Remember your dreams!”)

The Beatles Let It Be

The Beatles Let It Be 

00:00 1.Two of Us
03:38 2.Dig a Pony
07:31 3.Across the Universe 
11:19 4.I Me Mine 
13:47 5.Dig It
14:36 6.Let It Be 
18:38 7.Maggie Mae
19:19 8.I’ve Got a Feeling
22:56 9.One After 909
25:50 10.The Long and Winding Road
29:32 11.For You Blue 
32:01 12.Get Back


Friendship, poetic thought by George-B

Friendship, poetic thought by George-B

Our friendship is still as pure as dew
after the rain washed
all matter
The water dripping from the hundreds of thousands of years old,
Like the water now free of salts,
descending slowly from the largest stalactite in the world,

Our friendship, is pure – a purity so rare in the known world, 

It’s innocent…



twinkling-water-drops (dew)


The Beatles – “Magical Mystery Tour”

From the box set: The Beatles In Mono (2009 Remastered)

01. 00:00 “Magical Mystery Tour
02. 02:52 “The Fool On the Hill
03. 05:52 “Flying”
04. 08:10 “Blue Jay Way
05. 12:05 “Your Mother Should Know”
06. 14:36 “I Am the Walrus
07. 19:12 “Hello, Goodbye
08. 22:44 “Strawberry Fields Forever
09. 26:54 “Penny Lane
10. 29:57 “Baby, You’re a Rich Man
11. 33:06 “All You Need Is Love”


Yellow Submarine Songtrack [1999 FULL ALBUM]

Yellow Submarine Songtrack by the Beatles released on September 13, 1999

1. Yellow Submarine 0:03
2. Hey Bulldog 2:41
3. Eleanor Rigby 5:53
4. Love You To 7:58
5. All Together Now 10:58
6. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds 13:08
7. Think for Yourself 16:37
8. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band 18:57
9. With a Little Help from My Friends 20:58
10. Baby You’re a Rich Man 23:43
11. Only a Northern Song 26:44
12. All You Need Is Love 30:08
13. When I’m Sixty-Four 33:55
14. Nowhere Man 36:35
15. It’s All Too Much 39:17


Serge Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf. Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra‘s music director Bramwell Tovey does double duty as conductor and narrator in this delightfully entertaining performance. It’s the final work on a program that introduces listeners young and old to the various instruments and sections of the orchestra. Also featured are popular favourites from Star Wars, the Nutcracker Suite and Pictures at an Exhibition.


Sergey Prokofiev Piano Concerto No.1 in D flat major, op.10

Maxim Valkov conducts The St-Petersburg State Capella Orchestra.
Nikolay Mazhara, piano.

Leonard Bernstein – On the Town: Three Dance Episodes

Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990)
On the Town: Three Dance Episodes:

I. The Great Lover
II. Lonely Town (Pas de deux)
III. Times Square: 1944

Myung-Whun Chung/Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia

Oleg Boshniakovich plays Chopin’s Barcarolle in F# Op.60

Barcarolle in F# Op.60, Frederic Chopin

Bach / David and Igor Oistrakh, 1961: Double Concerto in D minor, BWV 1043, Goossens, Malcolm

David and Igor Oistrakh are soloists, and Sir Eugene Goossens leads the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of London, in this 1961 performance of Bach’s Concerto for two violins, strings and continuo in D minor, BWV 1043. George Malcolm plays the harpsichord. 

From the LP you see above, issued in 1962 on the DG label, serial number 138 820. Jacket is at 5:08; label is at 13:04. Images of Bach and excerpts from the score (1:4512:0916:14) are interspersed throughout. Images from the reverse side of the LP jacket begin at16:40.

1. Vivace
2. Largo ma non tanto (4:07)
3. Allegro (11:27)

You can hear this father/son duo in a performance of this same work, recorded in 1957 with Rudolf Barshai conducting, here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ceHVl0…

More from the Oistrakhs: Continue reading

Arcangelo Corelli – Concerto grosso, Op. 6 No. 1 in D major

Georg Egger, Andreas Schmidt, Violin. Jacoba Muckel, Violincello. Franz Lehrndorfer, Organ. Südwestdeutsches Kammerorchester, conducted by Günther Wich

Mozart – Clarinet Concerto in A major, K.622

Clarinet: Robert Marcellus 
Conductor: George Szell
Orchestra: Cleveland Orcherstra

Mozart‘s Clarinet concerto in A major, K. 622 was written in 1791 for the clarinetist Anton Stadler. It consists of the usual three movements, in a fast–slow–fast form:

00:00 – Allegro (no cadenza)
12:26   –  Adagio
20:15 – Rondo Allegro

The concerto was given its premiere by Stadler in Prague on October 16, 1791. Reception of his performance was generally positive. The Berlin Musikalisches Wochenblatt noted in January 1792, “Herr Stadeler, a clarinettist from Vienna. A man of great talent and recognised as such at court… His playing is brilliant and bears witness to his assurance.”[4] There was some disagreement on the value of Stadler’s extension; some even faulted Mozart for writing for the extended instrument.

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Mozart – Quintet for Clarinet and Strings in A major, K. 581

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart‘s Quintet for Clarinet and Strings, K. 581, was written in 1789 for the clarinetist Anton Stadler. A clarinet quintet is a work for one clarinet and a string quartet (two violins, a viola and a cello). Although originally written for basset clarinet, it is almost always played on a clarinet in A or B-flat. It was Mozart’s only completed clarinet quintet, and is one of the earliest and best-known works written especially for the instrument. It remains exceptionally popular today due to its lyrical melodies, with the second movement the best known. A fragment of score exists for a second (though possibly written first) clarinet quintet in B-flat, of which a complete exposition survives. It is possible that Mozart completed the movement, as the score continues into the development section on the last surviving page. This fragment is unlikely to be a sketch, as it bears no marks of correction. Nevertheless, the A major quintet is Mozart’s sole surviving complete work for clarinet quintet.
The composer indicated that the work was finished on 29 September 1789. This quintet is sometimes referred to as the Stadler Quintet; Mozart so described it in a letter of April 1790. It consists of four movements:
1. Allegro, 4/4
2. Larghetto, 3/4 in D major
3. Menuetto — Trio I — Trio II, 3/4 (Trio I in A minor)
4. Allegretto con Variazioni, 2/2
There are a number of similarities between this quintet and Mozart’s Clarinet Concerto. Both are in the same key of A major and were written for the same soloist, Anton Stadler. Both pieces are written for the basset clarinet which has an extended lower range. Also, the first theme of the first movement of each piece begins with a falling minor third. Both the second movements are in the same key (D major) and have similar characters, although they have different tempo markings. There is a direct quotation of two bars in the clarinet line in the second movement of the Concerto of that in the Quintet.
Mozart also wrote a trio for clarinet, viola and piano for Stadler, the so-called Kegelstatt Trio, in 1786.
Alfred Einstein (Mozart: His Character and Work, page 194) notes that while the clarinet “predominates as primus inter pares” (first amongst equals) this is nonetheless “chamber music work of the finest kind” and the roles are distributed more equally than they would be in a more concertante quintet for wind and strings.
Along with his Clarinet Concerto, Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet is considered one of Pope Benedict XVI’s favorite works of music. The Quintet was famously used in “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen“, the final episode of the television series M*A*S*H. A subplot of the episode has one of the main characters, Major Charles Winchester, teaching the piece to a group of Chinese prisoners of war.
FREE .mp3 and .wav files of all Mozart’s music at: http://www.mozart-archiv.de/
FREE sheet music scores of any Mozart piece at:http://dme.mozarteum.at/DME/nma/start…
ALSO check out these cool sites: http://musopen.org/
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Rezervatia Naturala Poiana Narciselor – Brasov – ROMANIA –

Rezervaţia naturală Dumbrava Vadului, cunoscută sub numele de Poiana Narciselor aparţine de comuna Şercaia – satul Vad, aflat la 60 de kilometri distanţă de Braşov. Rezervaţia se întinde pe o suprafaţă de 400 de hectare.

În luna mai, în apropierea sărbătorii Sfinţilor Constantin şi Elena, rezervaţia prinde viaţă datorită narciselor înflorite. Tot în jurul acestei date are loc şi Sărbătoarea Narciselor, festival de etnologie şi folclor.

Narcisele înflorite pot avea o densitate de până la 150 de fire pe metrul pătrat, ocupând aproximativ 300 de hectare. În afară de narcise, în rezervaţia mai pot fi admiraţi şi irişii înfloriţi.

Defeat Internet Browser Exploits With Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

Great information for all internet users…

Bill Mullins' Weblog - Tech Thoughts

imageCybercriminals design malware to exploit vulnerable systems without user interaction being required – on the one hand, and craft attacks that take advantage of unaware (untrained) computer users, in which user interaction is required – on the other hand.

The second part, of this two part attack approach, can only be defeated if the computer user is aware of current Internet threats. So, knowledge and experience, are critical ingredients in the never ending and escalating battle against cybercriminals.

In order to defeat attacks which rely on exploiting vulnerable systems, the preferred method to do so is – the implementation of a layered security approach. Employing layered security should (I emphasize should), lead to the swift detection of malware, before any damage occurs on the targeted system.

Let’s talk real world:

Given existing technology, no single security application is capable of providing adequate computer system protection. Gaps exist in protection…

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Haiku: Pagoda, poetic thought by George-B

Haiku: Pagoda,  poetic thought by George-B

The curved wooden roofs
Resembling calm ocean waves
 Gently kiss the skies.

Japanese Pagoda

Japanese Pagoda


AKB48 – “Sugar Rush”: “Regardless of cultural identity…Talent is talent, in all cultures”

AKB48: “Regardless of cultural identity…Talent is talent, in all cultures, and AKB48 is an exceptionally talented group of pop singers!”

From Wikipedia:
AKB48 (read “A.K.B. Forty-eight”) is a Japanese idol girl group. As of June 2013, the group has 90 members.[2] The girls range in age from early teens to mid-20s.[3][4] Produced by Yasushi Akimoto, it is one of the highest-earning musical acts in the world, with 2011 record sales of over US$200 million in Japan.[5] It has achieved such popularity in Japan[6] that it has been characterized as a social phenomenon.[7]

As of January 2013, the group’s seventeen latest singles topped the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart. In 2010, “Beginner” and “Heavy Rotation” placed, respectively, first and second in the list of Japan’s best selling singles for the year.[8] In 2011 and 2012 AKB48’s singles occupied the top five spots of the Oricon Yearly Singles Chart.[9][10] The band has sold over 20 million CDs,[11][12] and holds the record for most singles sold in Japan by a female group.[13]

AKB48 is named after Akihabara (Akiba for short), the area in Tokyo where the group’s theater is located. The idea of AKB48’s producer Yasushi Akimoto was to create a girl group that, unlike a regular pop group, which gives occasional concerts and that is mostly seen on TV, would have its own theater and perform there on a daily basis; the fans would always be able to go and see the girls live. AKB48 still performs at the theater daily, with tickets distributed by lottery.[14] Akimoto has also expanded the AKB48 concept to severalsister groups throughout Asia.


English: J!-ENT LIVE: AKB48

English: J!-ENT LIVE: AKB48 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AKB48 performing at Nokia Theatre, Los Angeles, in July 2010

Background information
Origin Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan
Genres J-pop
Years active 2005–present
Labels AKS (Japan)
Defstar (Japan)
You, Be Cool!/King (Japan)
Gold Typhoon (Taiwan)
Maru (USA)[1]
Associated acts SKE48
Watarirouka Hashiritai
French Kiss
Not Yet
Website www.akb48.co.jp
Members Team A details
Team K details
Team B details
Kenkyūsei details
Past members Former members
This article contains Japanesetext. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks, boxes, or other symbolsinstead of kanji and kana.

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