J.S. Bach – Brandenburg Concerto No.4 in sol-major (G major) BWV 1049

1. Allegro.   00:00 
2. Andante  07:17
3. Presto     12:42

Johann Sebastian Bach (Eisenach, Thuringia, March 21. / March 31, 1685 – Leipzig, 28 July 1750) fue an organist, harpsichordist and composer of German Baroque music of it, one of the Member them families of musicians of the more extraordinary history, with more than 35 famous composers and performers featured muchos. Su reputation as organist and harpsichordist was legendary, with fame throughout Europe. Other than him and it organ harpsichord, también he played the violin and viola da gamba, in addition to being great improviser el primer to the music of renown. His fruitful work are considered the summit of the baroque music. He has  distinguished himself by intellectual depth, technical perfection, beautiful artistic compositions, and in addition to the synthesis of various styles  of his time at an unparalleled extent. Bach is considered the last great master of Art of counterpoint, focal point of inspiration and influence on later composers and musicians from Mozart through Schoenberg to our  days. If you liked it, please visit my blog at http://trinken77.blogspot.mx/ THANK YOU, HAVE A NICE DAY! .

Note: I undertook the task of translating this text from Spanish, with the help of the Google translator. Its approximate version made me realise that there still were things to address…So I hope I got right the few grammatical ordinations…If not, feel free to comment!

4 responses to “J.S. Bach – Brandenburg Concerto No.4 in sol-major (G major) BWV 1049

  1. Superb – the Brandenburgs would go with me to a desert island, if I could salvage nothing else!!!!


    • Amazing composer…His music is so profound message: It always makes me feel as if I were in good hands…NO wonder you’d chose to have it on a deserted island…

      Thanks Valerie…Next time a fugue!



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