Dame Iris Murdoch (1919)

An Irish-born novelist and philosopher, Murdoch studied at Cambridge under prominent philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein before pursuing a career in writing. Her novels focus on the idea that free will is illusory and depict humans as “accidental” creatures, seemingly free but actually bound to self, society, and the natural world. She penned 26 novels and many philosophical works before Alzheimer’s ended her writing career. To what non-medical condition did she initially attribute her symptoms?More… Discuss


2 responses to “DAME IRIS MURDOCH (1919)

  1. I find it ironic that she ended up with a dame-hood, when the first thing she did when she got a job at the Treasury during the war, was to sign up with the Communist party as a spy, and drop all the information that came over her desk, off to the Russians in a hollow tree!!!
    So I find her philosophical theories rather shallow, and the lies she told about herself all her life very puzzling… as you can guess, not one of my favourite people !!!!


    • Mine neither…What was she thinking? These are the kind of people who really needed to spend some time over there, to get experienced in the entire deal 🙂


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