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word: hermitage


Definition: (noun) The habitation of a hermit or group of hermits.
Synonyms: abbey, monastery, retreat
Usage: He spent two years in his hermitage near the lake, pondering the mysteries of the universe. Discuss.

First Known Use of HERMITAGE:

14th century

Saint of the day – February 20: St. Wulfric

St. WulfricFeastday: February 20
1080 – 1154

Wulfric (d. 1154) + hermit and miracle worker. Born at Compton Martin, near Bristol, England, he became a priest and was excessively materialistic and worldly. After meeting with a beggar, he underwent a personal conversion and became a hermit at Haselbury; Somerset, England. For his remaining years, he devoted himself to rigorous austerities and was known for his miracles and prophecies. While he was never formally canonized, Wulfric was a very popular saint during the Middle Ages, and histomb was visited by many pilgrims. Feast day: February 20.


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