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John Williams: Theme from ‘The Accidental Tourist’ (piano solo …

John WilliamsTheme from ‘The Accidental Tourist‘ (piano solo 

John Williams (1932- ) – the composer not the guitarist – needs no introduction from me. This transcription of the main theme from William’s Oscar-nominated score for the 1988 William Hurt / Kathleen Turner/ Geena Davis movie appears in the ‘John Wiliams Antholocy compilation (ISBN 723188617746). The portion of the sountrack most frequently recorded is the closing credits music, and I have not actually heard the orchestral version of this particular extract. but the piece is very pianistic. The transcriber is not identified but may well the the same person who did the excellent transcription of the theme from ‘Presumed Innocent’ which appears in the same anthology and is prepared to a similarly high standard . Williams’ music seems to me a fascinating (and incredibly successful) blend of elements from Copland, Barber, Bernstein and Rachmaninov (and perhaps Prokofiev in pieces like the ‘Parade of the Ewoks‘). –

– Played by Philiip Sear-  http://www.psear.co.uk

John Williams, composer of the first three fil...

John Williams, composer of the first three films and creator of Hedwig’s Theme. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)