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word: ransack


Definition: (verb) To search carefully for plunder; pillage.
Synonyms: foray, reave, rifle, loot, plunder, strip
Usage: My apartment looked like a tornado had torn through it after it was ransacked by a band of thieves. Discuss.

Rioting Continues in London

Rioting Continues in London

Rioting, which began on Saturday night in the Tottenham area of north London, has spread to other parts of the city. The clashes began after a peaceful protest of a police shooting that took the life of a 29-year-old father of four turned violent. Police vehicles were set alight and shops were looted and burned. The riots continued and spread on Sunday and Monday, resulting in dozens of injuries and millions of dollars in property damage and leading to more than 200 arrests. The rioters appear to be using social media services and cell phones to coordinate attacks on shops and police. More… Discuss