Schumann Kinderszenen Op 15 – Valentina Lisitsa

Schumann Kinderszenen Op 15 – Valentina Lisitsa Haskil Argerich Horowitz Bosendorfer:

no.1 Of Foreign Lands and Peoples

1:32 no.2 Curious Story

2:37 no.3 Blindman’s Bluff

3:09 no.4 Entreating Child

3:54 no.5 Perfect Happiness

4:33 no.6 Important Event

5:22 no.7 Dreaming

7:55 no.8 Near The Fire Side

I love no.7 (Traumerei)

One response to “Schumann Kinderszenen Op 15 – Valentina Lisitsa

  1. Reblogged this on Kurt Nemes' Classical Music Almanac and commented:
    Wow. I never knew what this piece was called or who the composer was. Thanks to Euzicasa for posting. A wonderful and sensitive performance as well! Kinderszenen means “scenes from childhood,” and is an attempt by an adult to capture the feelings, moods and experiences of the magic of childhood.


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