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My Inner Alarm Clock (poetic thought by George-B): Now on SoundCloud!

Now on SoundCloud

My Inner Alarm Clock (poetic thought by George-B)

 The Day licks at the leaves of time,
I respond by turning off 
the ringing in my loud inner alarm clock;
It yawns and stretches me three times…

But I’m not ready to jump and
I’m asking myself “why?”, shyly,
As if afraid not to wake myself up fully, 

for another day and half a night:

“Where were the yawn last night before I could not sleep?”,
I ask my inner clock…

No answer:
“It seems now that it wake me up it went to sleep,
but what about me…”

“That’s an unsolved mystery of unspecified complexity….”

 “Oh forget it,
Not another sheep counting contest,  again,  tonight!”

From My Poems: ‘My inner Clock’

My Inner Clock,  by George-b (euzicasa)


I woke up that day, rested
Sunrise through heavy curtain…

‘Tomorrow’ was permeating thru me immaterially-
as sunrise was falling into a sunset but  day into night…
The time-watcher -the clock -winking its green LED at me:  ‘PM’

The sun was to rise one more time, just wait…What’s the hurry…

Sunrise over Moreton Bay-02=

Sunrise over Moreton Bay-02= (Photo credit: Sheba_Also)