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Fr Steven Scheier’s Near Death Experience which changed his life


Fr Steven Scheier's Near Death Experience which changed his life

Fr Steven Scheier’s Near Death Experience which changed his life (click to access)

On October 18, 1985, as he was traveling from Wichita to his parish in Fredonia, Kansas, Fr. Steven Scheier was involved in a terrible accident: a head-on collision with a pickup truck and with God. He found himself standing before the judgment of Jesus. His sentence from Jesus was “hell.” He says that the Lord took him through his entire life, and showed him how he had failed in his priestly service. At that moment, however, he heard a woman’s voice say, “Son, will you please spare his life and his eternal soul?” The Lord replied, “Mother, he’s been a priest for 12 years for himself and not for me, let him reap the punishment he deserves.” “But Son,’ she said, ‘if we give him special graces and strengths . . . then let’s see if he bears fruit; if not, your will be done.” There was very short pause, after which Jesus said, “Mother, he’s yours.” Sometime afterwards when he was reading the Parable of the Fig Tree (Luke 13) the words leapt off the page to him, especially the order to cut down the fig tree but getting a reprieve of one more year to bear fruit. (Further details in a homily in which I shared Fr Scheier’s story)
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Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, MD- 1926-2004: On Death And Dying

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“The ultimate lesson all of us have to learn is unconditional love, which includes not only others but ourselves as well.”
– Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

One of the greatest thoughts put on paper, and in into our hands, to understand: read it again and again until the understanding of this simple statement reaches your action center, and then work to meet its goal: allow yourself to leave self-denial  and gilt behind: Love yourself unconditionally and then start loving the world unconditionally. Put aside self-defeating predicaments, and live within the moment, and make amends starting now.

I hope that a visit to Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross foundation website will inspire you, as much as it inspired me, or more, as it is always the right time to find out more about our make, our nature, ourselves. especially the Near Death Experience phenomenon, is a domain of a reality experienced by many people, a life altering experience that help many people feel as if they were reborn, and of a more fulfilling life. Some consider that time as a second birth, The Moment of Enlightenment, of knowing more about the universe, and of their duty to humanity here on Earth