Frizzguitar: Bei mir bist du schoen

From Frizzguitar: Coming from Germany I had the pleasure to join the Belgian Folk music session at St. Andrew’s PresbyterianChurch of Scotland” in Bruxelles on 4th of May 2012; I played on my American resonator (DOBRO) guitar the old Jewish standard “BEI MIR BIST DU SCHOEN” (in the jazzy style of Gypsy swing) – and was kindly supported by the British musician ROB (clarinet) and the French spoken female musician CATOU (4-stringed B.”

What an wonderful interpretation!

From Frizztext: Once I heard the great Ry Cooder playing a gospel titled “Jesus on the mainline” – nearly with a kind of a reggae rhythm, isn’t it? I tried to play on my guitar a tribute to his song – as a fingerstyle simple instrumental only … Listen to this wonderful interpretation of Jesus on the Mainline   Here…

2 responses to “Frizzguitar: Bei mir bist du schoen

  1. thank you so much George for giving me courage to continue with my daily guitar playing – though it is far away from a professional musician’s precision!


    • I’ll tell you something frizztext: Don’t you dare slow down with it: your dobro tells the story. I, for one had to have it closer to home @ euzicasa! I feel fortunate to have met your talent, your love for arts, and appreciation for life and its artistry: thank you, and wordpress!


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