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Proven to kill cancer cells without destroying your immune system


by: Ben

(NaturalNews) Chemotherapy is one of the most well known ways to treat cancer. Unfortunately, chemotherapy drugs by nature are extremely toxic and usually work against your body’s natural mechanisms to fight cancer. It destroys your host immunity instead of supporting it. Along with inhibiting your immunity, it destroys healthy cells in your body as well and can lead to more severe health problems going forward. The other side effect chemotherapy has is the fact that it can actually support the growth of more cancer cells by destroying the immune system.

An alternative to chemotherapy can be found in natural compounds that can kill cancer cells without destroying the healthy cells that are essential for recovery…

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  1. Brilliant. Have sent it onto a doctor friend,and a nurse who works with cancer patients – she says if she gets cancer , she’ll go to see John of God, rather than go through what they put their patients through


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