Cimarosa: “Il Matrimonio segreto” – Ouverture (Daniel Barenboim)

Cimarosa: “Il Matrimonio segreto” – Ouverture (Daniel Barenboim)

The Secret Marriage is an opera buffa in two acts written by Domenico Cimarosa between the end of 1791 and beginning of 1792 with a libretto by Giovanni Bertati .
Was performed for the first time February 7, 1792 at the Burgtheater in Vienna.

It was the only work of history that , at the behest of the Habsburg emperor of the time ( ie Leopold II ) , was completely replicated in the same evening of the “first ” .

Visit the blog , in which the work is analyzed piece by piece . The site also presents other works , being devoted entirely to the world of opera .
I propose a third version of this song which is in addition to those which I have already posted the overture , and of course the aim is to foster the musical competence of users through the comparison between the various versions of individual songs .

D. Fischer- Dieskau ( Baritone) : Geronimo ;
Julia Varady (Soprano) : Elisetta ;
Augér Arleen (Soprano) : Carolina;
Julia Hamari ( mezzo-soprano ) : Fidalma ;
Alberto Rinaldi ( Baritone) : Earl Robinson ;
Ryland Davies ( tenor): Pauline .

Daniel Barenboim conducts here Inglese Chamber orchestra.
I let you discover the plot!  >>>>>>HERE<<<<<<


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