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Dinosaurs “Tepid-Blooded”? The media’s concern with never to be proven marginal theories is…something else!)

Dinosaurs “Tepid-Blooded”?

Researchers have long debated whether dinosaurs were warm-blooded or cold-blooded creatures, but the answer, it turns out, may be neither. A new study suggests that dinosaurs fall into some in-between category, which the authors have termed “mesothermic.” They came to this conclusion after analyzing the growth rings on the bones of 381 species, of which 21 were dinosaurs, and correlating this data with metabolic rates, which are an indicator of endothermy or ectothermy. What they found was that dinosaurs, along with a handful of living species, have metabolic rates that do not fit neatly into either category but instead lie somewhere between the two. More… Discuss


Oops! Scientists Killed Oldest Known Living Creature

Scientists hoping to gain new insights into the agingprocess turned their attention to the long-lived clamspecies Arctica islandica in 2006, dredging the coastal waters off of Iceland for specimens. Their efforts resulted in the discovery of Ming the clam, which, as they later found out, was the oldest living animal ever found. Unfortunately, in order to make this determination, the researchers had to open its shell, killing it. Once they counted the shell’s growth rings, they concluded that Ming had been between 405 and 410 years old. However, a new, more detailed analysis adds another century to the earlier estimate, placing the bivalve’s age at 507. More… Discuss