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More Mystery Holes Appear in Siberia

More Mystery Holes Appear in Siberia

Two more mysterious craters have cropped up—or, perhaps more accurately, down—in an isolated region of Siberia north of the Arctic Circle. Earlier this month, the first such crater, nicknamed the “Yamal black hole” for its location on the Yamal peninsula, was discovered in the region. The area is rich in natural gas, leading to speculation that the holes are the result of underground gas explosions. However, this is not the only theory. Meteorites, stray missiles, and even aliens have all been cited as potential causes for the mysterious craters. More… Discuss



Putin Leads Bird Migration

Russian President Vladimir Putin continued to cultivate his image as a nature-lover this week, flying in a motorized deltaplane to introduce several young Siberian cranes to the wild. The flight in the Yamal Peninsula was intended to prompt the birds, which were born in captivity, to follow the plane in preparation for their migration route. The effort is part of a larger project to protect the species, which isendangeredMore… Discuss