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Art with a Message: Rie Sinclair: Island of Loneliness Great Compositions/voices (Painting by Ilya Repin: Volga Boatmen)

Rie Sinclair Island of Loneliness

towed out (poetic thought by George_B)

towed out (poetic thought by George_B)

with time we leave 
behind memories,

while some evade,

some revisit now and then,
and some we’re towing out,
passing gravely, looking down,
to nothing in particular
sad  burden like towed out sailboats .



Repin Ilya Efimov
Self Portrait (1887)
Born 5 August 1844 
Ciuguev , Ukraine
Died 29 September 1930
(at 86 years) Kuokkala , Finland
Nationality Russian Russia
Artistic field Picture
Training Imperial Academy of Arts
Artistic movement Realism
Major works Ivan the Terrible and his son 
Zaporozhian Cossacks reply to Sultan Mehmed IV of the Ottoman Empire 
on the Volga Edecarii
Influenced by Rembrandt

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