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today’s birthday: Hugo Junkers (1859)

Hugo Junkers (1859)

Junkers was a pioneering German engineer who held many patents for his original developments in the fields of gas engine and aircraft design. He had innovative ideas about metal airplanes and flying wings, and he put them to the test—somewhat ironically, as he was purportedly a pacifist—developing warplanes for World War I. In the lead-up to World War II, the Nazis stripped Junkers of control of his company and sentenced him to house arrest. He died soon after. What was the “Sheetmetal Donkey”? More… Discuss

news: Swiss Government Slices International Pizza Delivery (or: when the Swiss order a pizza)

Swiss Government Slices International Pizza Delivery

Don’t like your neighborhood pizzeria? Maybe it’s time to consider international pizza delivery—a tactic used until recently by many Swiss citizens trying to stretch their francs by ordering pizza from nearby German border towns, where it’s less expensive. An exception had allowed food delivery to avoid passing through customs, but it was rescinded by Swiss officials about a year ago. Although the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for the neighboring German region of Hochrhein-Bodensee lobbied for the exception to be reinstated, the Swiss customs office recently rejected the proposal. More… Discuss

this pressed: Suspected member of Islamic State group arrested in Germany-info24.us

Suspected member of Islamic State group arrested in Germany

By Info on January 11, 2015 News

BERLIN – German prosecutors say they have arrested a suspected member of the Islamic State group.

The federal prosecutor’s office said in a statement late Saturday that a 24-year-old man identified as Nils D. was arrested in Dinslaken in western Germany and his apartment was raided.

The suspect allegedly traveled to Syria in October in 2013 where he joined IS fighters. He returned to Germany in November 2014.

A local prosecutor in Duesseldorf had opened a separate terror investigation against the man in early 2014, but federal prosecutors said there was no indication that he was planning any concrete attacks. They also said his arrest was not related to the terror attacks in Paris.

via Suspected member of Islamic State group arrested in Germany.

Art with a Message: Rie Sinclair: Island of Loneliness Great Compositions/voices (Painting by Ilya Repin: Volga Boatmen)

Rie Sinclair Island of Loneliness

Clara Schumann: Piano Concerto Op. 7 – Francesco Nicolosi

Clara Schumann: Piano Concerto Op. 7 – Francesco Nicolosi

12 Variations – L.V.Beethoven – ‘Le nozze di Figaro: se vuol ballare’ W.A. Mozart (Violin & Piano): great compositions/performances

12 Variations – L.V.Beethoven – ‘Le nozze di FigaroW.A. Mozart (Violin & Piano)

Mozart – The Marriage of Figaro Overture (K.492) – Wiener Symphoniker – Fabio Luisi, : great compositions/performances

Mozart – The Marriage of Figaro Overture (K.492) – Wiener Symphoniker – Fabio Luisi (HD)

Beethoven Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Op.92, Karajan | Berliner Philharmoniker, : great compositions/performances

Beethoven Symphony n. 7| Karajan | Berliner Philharmoniker

Stone Age Ax Found with Wooden Handle Intact

Stone Age Ax Found with Wooden Handle Intact

Archeologists on the Danish island of Lolland have uncovered a 5,500-year-old Neolithic axe with an intact wooden handle—an extremely rare discovery. The Stone Age artifact was found during excavations conducted prior to a tunnel project. It was unearthed in what was once seabed, perhaps deposited there as a ritual offering. Experts say the lack of oxygen in the clay where it was found likely helped to preserve the axe. Recent excavations nearby also uncovered 5,000-year-old human footprints. More… Discuss

Mozart, Overture The Abduction from the Seraglio (K.384), Wiener Symphoniker, Fabio Luisi conducting, make music part of your life series

Mozart – Overture The Abduction from the Seraglio (K.384) – Wiener Symphoniker – Fabio Luisi (HD)

Erich Wolfgang Korngold – Die tote Stadt – “Glück das mir verblieb”: make music part of your life

‘s birthday: todayAlexander von Humboldt (1769)

Alexander von Humboldt (1769)

A German naturalist and explorer, Humboldt traveled extensively and made observations and discoveries too numerous to count. Among other things, he discovered the connection between the Amazon and Orinoco river systems, surmised that lack of oxygen causes altitude sickness, studied the ocean current off the western coast of South America that was known for a time as the Humboldt Current, and added to an understanding of the development of the Earth’s crust. To what did he devote his final years? More… Discuss

Ernst von Dohnányi Piano Quintet No. 1 in C minor, Op. 1 (1895) – iii.: make music part of your life series

Ernst von Dohnányi Piano Quintet No. 1 in C minor, Op. 1 (1895) – iii.

Adagio quasi andante
Danielle de Swert Hahn (pno), Vilmos Szabadi, Luke Wedge (vls), Szilvia Kovács (vla), Charlie Powers (vlc)
National Gallery of Art Washington D.C.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The native form of this personal name is Dohnányi Ernő. This article uses the Western name order.

Ernő Dohnányi

Ernő Dohnányi (Hungarian: [ˈɛrnøː ˈdohnaːɲi]; July 27, 1877 – February 9, 1960) was a Hungarian conductor, composer and pianist. He used a German form of his name, Ernst von Dohnányi, on most of his published compositions. The “von” implies nobility, and, according to the biography by his third wife, his family was ennobled in 1697 and given a “seal,” which she describes in some detail.[1]

this pressed: Here’s One Way to Land on the NSA’s Watch List – ProPublica


Here’s One Way to Land on the NSA’s Watch List – ProPublica.

The Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness

The Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness

The Mohs scale of mineral hardness characterizes the scratch resistance of various minerals, through the ability of a harder material to scratch a softer one and not be scratched by it. While the varying hardness of stones was likely first explored around 300 BCE, German mineralogist Friedrich Mohs devised his scale in 1812. It uses 10 standards ranging from talc, the softest, with a value of 1, to diamond, the hardest, with a value of 10. Where does a fingernail fall on the Mohs scale? More… Discuss

writer of the day: Rainer Maria Rilke (the panther)

Rainer Maria Rilke

Rilke is generally considered the German language‘s greatest 20th century lyric poet. His compositions are generally characterized by striking visual imagery, musicality, and a preponderant use of nouns. His writings include one novel, the semi-autobiographical The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge; several collections of poetry, among them Sonnets to Orpheus and Duino Elegies; and several volumes of correspondence. How did a rose thorn supposedly hasten his death? More… Discuss

The Panther, by Klaus J. Peter.

the panther, A translation by Stephen Cohn:

The bars which pass and strike across his gaze
have stunned his sight: the eyes have lost their hold.
To him it seems there are athousand bars,
a thousand bars, and nothing else. No World
And pacing out that mean, constricted ground,
so quiet, supple, powerful his stride
is like a ritual dance performed around
the centre where his baffled will survives.

The silent shutter of his eye sometimes
slides open to admit some thing outside;
an image runs through each expectant limb
and penetrates his heart and dies


Rainer Maria RILKE. Pour écrire un seul vers.

Pour écrire un seul vers

Pour écrire un seul vers, il faut avoir vu beaucoup de villes, d’hommes et de choses, il faut connaître les animaux, il faut sentir comment volent les oiseaux et savoir quel mouvement font les petites fleurs en s’ouvrant le matin. Il faut pouvoir repenser à des chemins dans des régions inconnues, à des rencontres inattendues, à des départs que l’on voyait longtemps approcher, à des jours d’enfance dont le mystère ne s’est pas encore éclairci, à ses parents qu’il fallait qu’on froissât lorsqu’ils vous apportaient une joie et qu’on ne la comprenait pas (c’était une joie faite pour un autre), à des maladies d’enfance qui commençaient si singulièrement, par tant de profondes et graves transformations, à des jours passés dans des chambres calmes et contenues, à des matins au bord de la mer, à la mer elle-même, à des mers, à des nuits de voyage qui frémissaient très haut et volaient avec toutes les étoiles, – et il ne suffit même pas de savoir penser à tout cela. Il faut avoir des souvenirs de beaucoup de nuits d’amour, dont aucune ne ressemblait à l’autre, de cris de femmes hurlant en mal d’enfant, et de légères, de blanches, de dormantes accouchées qui se refermaient. Il faut encore avoir été auprès de mourants, être resté assis auprès de morts, dans la chambre, avec la fenêtre ouverte et les bruits qui venaient par à-coups. Et il ne suffit même pas d’avoir des souvenirs. Il faut savoir les oublier quand ils sont nombreux, et il faut avoir la grande patience d’attendre qu’ils reviennent. Car les souvenirs eux-mêmes ne sont pas encore cela. Ce n’est que lorsqu’ils deviennent en nous sang, regard, geste, lorsqu’ils n’ont plus de nom et ne se distinguent plus de nous, ce n’est qu’alors qu’il peut arriver qu’en une heure très rare, du milieu d’eux, se lève le premier mot d’un vers.

Rainer Maria Rilke (1875 – 1926) – Les cahier de Malte Laurids Brigge.

Illustration : Rainer Maria Rilke, portrait de Helmut Westhoff.

Pour une écoute plurielle :

Chez Bernard Pivot, avec Laurent Terzieff,
homme de Poésie, de Parole, de Silence.
Homme du Sacré, du Visible et de l’Invisible.
Homme de Lumière !

Avec la voix de Michel Aumont, extrait du film ‘Clara et moi’ d’Arnaud Viard (2004).

Avec Christine Mattei-Barraud. Réalisation : papidou1934.



Dingo No Wild Dog

Analyses of Australian dingo specimens predating the 1788 arrival of European settlers suggest that the dingo is not a kind of wild dog as previously believed but is in fact its own species. Evidence suggests that dingoes made their way to Australia some 3,000 to 5,000 years ago and bred in isolation until domestic dogs were brought to the continent by Europeans. Since that time, dingoes have widely bred with feral dogs, becoming more dog-like in both appearance and DNA and thus more difficult to classify. Given these new findings, researchers have proposed reinstating the species name Canis dingo, first adopted in 1793 by German naturalist Friedrich Meyer.More… Discuss

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Great Compositions/Performances: Beethoven Sonata No. 8 in C minor, Op. 13 “Pathétique” Live – Valentina Lisitsa

Great Compositions/Performances: Beethoven Sonata No. 8 in C minor Op. 13 “Pathétique” Live – Lisitsa

Special for my German fans! List of info for upcoming concerts in Deutschland in the next couple of weeks below . Munchen (Mar24), Stuttgart(Mar27), Heidelberg(Apr 7)
Do come ! For Beethoven and more :-)))

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Paul Ehrlich (1854)

Ehrlich was a German bacteriologist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1908 for his work on immunology. He is also noted for his work in hematology, cellular pathology, and the use of dyes in microscopy. Ehrlich coined the term “chemotherapy” and is credited with the first empirical observation of the blood-brain barrier. He also made notable contributions to the treatment of syphilis, stimulating research that led to the development of what widely-used drug? More…Discuss


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Gustav Kirchhoff (1824)

German physicist Gustav Kirchhoff was a pioneering scientist who contributed to the fundamental understanding of electrical circuits, spectroscopy, and the emission of black-body radiation by heated objects. He formulated several eponymous laws related to electrical circuits and thermodynamic reactions. Kirchhoff and Robert Bunsen—of Bunsen burner fame—began a new era in astronomy when they applied spectrum analysis to the Sun. Which two chemical elements did they discover in the 1860s? More… Discuss


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J.S. Bach – Brandenburg Concerto No.5 in re-major BWV 1050

Johann Sebastian Bach ( Eisenach , Thuringia , March 21 . / March 31, 1685 – Leipzig , July 28, 1750 ) was an organist , harpsichordist and composer of Baroque music German member of a family of musicians most extraordinary of history, with more than 35 famous composers and many outstanding performers .
His reputation as an organist and harpsichordist was legendary , famed throughout Europe. Apart from the organ and harpsichord , also played the violin and the viola da gamba as well as being the first great improviser renowned music .
His prolific work is considered the pinnacle of Baroque music . He was distinguished for his intellectual depth , technical perfection and artistic beauty, and also for the synthesis of various international styles of his time and of the past and unparalleled extension . Bach is considered the last great master of the art of counterpoint, which is the source of inspiration and influence to later composers and musicians from Mozart through Schoenberg , until today.



Gertrude of Merania Killed by Discontented Hungarian Nobles (1213)

The first wife of Andrew II of Hungary, Gertrude played an active role in the political machinations of his early reign. She used her influence to advance her German relatives at court and gifted Hungarian lands to them, angering the Hungarian nobility and inciting them to action. While her husband was off on a military campaign, Gertrude was murdered by a group of discontented nobles. The unsavory affair served as the inspiration for what Hungarian composer’s famous opera, Bánk bánMore… Discuss


Valentina Lisitsa: Gute Nacht (from Winterreise) Schubert Liszt

From Valentin: 
“As a stranger I arrived
As a stranger I shall leave”
Those are the opening words on a heartbreaking journey of gloom, grief and utter loneliness.

One of Schubert‘s friends described the day Schuber performed his newly written song cycleWinterreise” ( Winter Jorney) :
“Schubert was gloomy and depressed, and when asked the reason replied,
“Come to Schober’s today and I will play you a cycle of terrifying songs; they have affected me more than has ever been the case with any other songs.” He then, with a voice full of feeling, sang the entire Winterreise for us. We were altogether dumbfounded by the sombre mood of these songs, and Schober said that one song only, “Der Lindenbaum”, had pleased him. Thereupon Schubert leaped up and replied: “These songs please me more than all the rest, and in time they will please you as well.” 

Good Night (Wilhelm Müller)
English translation with German text below :

As a stranger I arrived
As a stranger I shall leave

I remember a perfect day in May
How bright the flowers, how cool the breeze
The maiden had a friendly smile
The mother had kind words

But now the world is dreary
With a winter path before me
I can’t choose the season
To depart from this place
I won’t delay or ponder
I must begin my journey now

The bright moon lights my path
It will guide me on my road
I see the snow-covered meadow
I see where deer have trod

A voice within says — go now
Why linger and delay?
Leave the dogs to bay at the moon
Before her father’s gate

For love is a thing of changes
God has made it so
Ever-changing from old to new
God has made it so

So love delights in changes
Good night, my love, good night
Love is a thing of changes
Good night, my love, good night

I’ll not disturb your sleep
But I’ll write over your door
A simple farewell message
Good night, my love, good night

These are the last words spoken
Soon I’ll be out of sight
A simple farewell message
Goodnight, my love, good night

Gute Nacht

Fremd bin ich eingezogen, 
Fremd zieh’ ich wieder aus.  Continue reading

Today’s Birthday: WALTER ROBERT DORNBERGER (1895)

Walter Robert Dornberger (1895)

A German artillery officer during World War I, Dornberger was captured and spent two years in a French prisoner-of-war camp. After his release, he studied engineering, and, beginning in 1932, directed construction of the V-2 rocket, the forerunner of all post-war spacecraft. Along with other German scientists, Dornberger was brought to the US as part of Operation Paperclip and worked as an advisor on guided missiles for the US Air Force. He became a key consultant on what major American venture? More… Discuss