With God on our side!

The Pietist Schoolman

Last Friday I decided to put syllabus revision on hold and spend an afternoon continuing my tour of World War I commemoration in the Twin Cities by visiting Fort Snelling, the nearly 200-year old former military installation at the convergence of the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers that trained officers, processed recruits and draftees, and housed a hospital in 1917-1918. As you’ll see when that WWI commemoration series continues, the visit proved to be a bit of a bust, WWI-wise. But I’m still glad I went that particular day…

Since last Friday also marked the 150th anniversary of the beginning of a war that few Americans noticed at the time and few remember today, and Fort Snelling played an important role in it. On August 17, 1862, four Wahpeton Dakota warriors killed five white settlers in rural Meeker County, Minnesota, sparking a wave of attacks in succeeding days elsewhere in the…

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