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Cee’s Ocean

A poetic thought inspired by Cee’s Picture of the sky, with many thanks!

and the sky became the ocean

with the clouds its liquid waves…

In a moment’s observation

I saved all these…My way!

Today Birthday: IVAN THE TERRIBLE (1530)

Ivan the Terrible (1530)

Ivan IV was the first ruler of Russia to formally assume the title “czar.” His early reign saw modernization, expansion, and reform. However, after a near-fatal illness, a failed war against Sweden and Poland, and the death of a wife, Ivan’s mental state deteriorated. He withdrew to his personal territory, and his later reign was marked by extreme violence, repression, and tyranny. He rid himself of unwanted wives by forcing them into convents. Why did Ivan murder his son—and only heir—in 1581? More… Discuss


Uruguay Declares Its Independence from Brazil (1825)

In 1811, José Gervasio Artigas, who would become Uruguay’s national hero, launched a successful revolution against the Spanish authorities who ruled a combined Uruguay and Argentina. Ten years later, the eastern province of Uruguay was annexed by Brazil, which was still under Portuguese rule. Brazil became independent from Portugal the following year, and in 1825, Uruguay declared independence from Brazil. Why is the country now called the Oriental Republic of UruguayMore… Discuss


Lance Armstrong Done Fighting Doping Allegations

Following Lance Armstrong’s announcement on Thursday that he would no longer fight doping charges brought against him by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), the organization stripped him of all seven of his Tour de France victories and banned him from competitive cycling for life. Armstrong continues to deny allegations that he used performance-enhancing drugs and disputes the organization’s authority to bring the charges in the first place, let alone take away his titles. More… Discuss



Derbent is a city in the southeast Russian republic of Dagestan. It stands on a narrow strip of land between the Caucasian foothills and the Caspian Sea that forms a natural pass. Historically, Derbent’s strategic position allowed it to control Eurasian traffic, and the city boasts massive fortifications dating to the 6th century CE. Though they were probably built by the Persians to guard against northern invaders, the walls are sometimes associated with what legendary structure? More… Discuss