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Ground Squirrel @ Huntington Beach: “Hmm, so this is an almond…Love it!”

Ground Squirrel @ Huntington Beach: "Hmm, so this is an almond...Love it!"

Ground Squirrel @ Huntington Beach: “Hmm, so this is an almond…Love it!”

This little fellow, kept stashing the almonds…Guess where, can you tell?

Great Gray Heron taking off @ San Gabriel River @ Mile 2.5

Great Gray Heron taking off @ San Gabriel River @ Mile 2.5

Great Gray Heron taking off @ San Gabriel River @ Mile 2.5

Tell you the truth, when this bundle of feathers gets up in the air, it’s hard to believe it knows what it’s doing…After two, three wing flaps it becomes evident: It flies!

Ducks on San Gabriel River @ Mile 4.5 ( cute, as they could be)

Ducks on San Gabriel River @ Mile 4.5 ( cute, as they could be)

Ducks on San Gabriel River @ Mile 4.5 ( cute as they could be) 

trying to identify birds? Try Here

GEORGES BRASSENS – Je me suis fait tout petit

Je Me Suis Fait Tout Petit Pour une Poupée
I made myself quite small for a doll

Je n’avais jamais ôté mon chapeau
I had never taken my hat off
Devant personne
For anyone
Maintenant je rampe et je fais le beau
Now I grovel and I sit up and beg
Quand elle me sonne
When she rings for me,

J’étais chien méchant, elle me fait manger
I was an ill tempered dog, she makes me eat
Dans sa menotte
From her tiny hand
J’avais des dents d’loup, je les ai changées
I used to have wolf teeth, I have changed them
Pour des quenottes
For the first teeth of a child

Je m’suis fait tout p’tit devant une poupée
I have become quite small before a doll
Qui ferme les yeux quand on la couche
Who closes her eyes when you put her to bed
Je m’suis fait tout p’tit devant une poupée
I have become quite small before a doll
Qui fait Maman quand on la touche
Who goes « Mamma » when you touch her

J’était dur à cuire, elle m’a converti
I was a tough cookie, she has converted me
La fine mouche
The wily creature
Et je suis tombé tout chaud, tout rôti
And I fell all hot, ready roasted
Contre sa bouche
Against her mouth
Qui a des dents de lait quand elle sourit
Which has milk teeth when she smiles
Quand elle chante
When she sings
Et des dents de loup quand elle est furie
And wolf’s teeth when she is a fury
Qu’elle est méchante
How wicked she is.

Je m’suis fait tout p’tit devant une poupée
Qui ferme les yeux quand on la couche
Je m’suis fait tout p’tit devant une poupée
Qui fait Maman quand on la touche

Je subis sa loi, je file tout doux
I submit to her law, I watch my step
Sous son empire
Under her rule
Bien qu’elle soit jalouse au-delà de tout
Although she is jealous in the extreme
Et même pire
And even worse

Une jolie pervenche qui m’avait paru
A blue periwinkle flower ,who had seemed to me
Plus jolie qu’elle
Prettier than her
Une jolie pervenche un jour en mourut
A pretty periwinkle died from it
A coup d’ombrelle
Lashed by a parasol

Je m’suis fait tout p’tit devant une poupée
Qui ferme les yeux quand on la couche
Je m’suis fait tout p’tit devant une poupée
Qui fait Maman quand on la touche

Tous les somnambules, tous les mages m’ont
All the sleepwalking psychics, all the astrologers
Dit sans malice
Told me with good intent
Qu’en ses bras en croix, je subirais mon
That in her crossed arms, I would suffer
Dernier supplice
the throes of death
Il en est de pires il en est d’meilleures
There are better ways, there are worse
Mais à tout prendre
But all in all
Qu’on se pende ici, qu’on se pende ailleurs
Whether one hangs here , whether one hangs elsewhere
S’il faut se pendre
If you have to hang yourself

Je m’suis fait tout p’tit devant une poupée
Qui ferme les yeux quand on la couche
Je m’suis fait tout p’tit devant une poupée
Qui fait Maman quand on la touche  More…

GEORGES BRASSENS : les copains d’abord


Les copains d’abord* Friends First*
Non, ce n’était pas le radeau
De la Méduse, ce bateau,
Qu’on se le dis’ au fond des ports,
Dis’ au fond des ports,
Il naviguait en pèr’ peinard
Sur la grand-mare des canards,
Et s’app’lait les Copains d’abord
Les Copains d’abord.
No, this wasn’t the raft of the Medusa, 
This boat of ours.
Let them tell each other that
Deep in the harbours and ports
It sailed along, taking it easy
On the big duck pond,
And they called it Friends First,
Friends first of all.
Ses fluctuat nec mergitur
C’était pas d’la litteratur’,
N’en déplaise aux jeteurs de sort,
Aux jeteurs de sort,
Son capitaine et ses mat’lots
N’étaient pas des enfants d’salauds,
Mais des amis franco de port,
Des copains d’abord.
Its “fluctuat nec mergitur”
Were not exactly literature,
Begging the pardon of magicians and sorcerers,
Magicians and sorcerers.
The captain and his crew
Were not sons of bitches,
But mates, as good as you could get,
Best mates first of all.
C’étaient pas des amis de lux’,
Des petits Castor et Pollux,
Des gens de Sodome et Gomorrh’,
Sodome et Gomorrh’,
C’étaient pas des amis choisis
Par Montaigne et La Boéti’,
Sur le ventre ils se tapaient fort,
Les copains d’abord.
They weren’t high quality friends
Like Castor and Pollux
Or the guys of Sodom and Gomorrha,
Sodom and Gomorrha.
They weren’t friends chosen
By Montaigne and La Boétie,
But they were mates and got on well together,
Friends first of all.
C’étaient pas des anges non plus,
L’Evangile, ils l’avaient pas lu,
Mais ils s’aimaient tout’s voil’s dehors,
Tout’s voil’s dehors,
Jean, Pierre, Paul et compagnie,
C’était leur seule litanie
Leur Credo, leur Confitéor,
Aux copains d’abord.
They weren’t angels either,
They hadn’t managed to get round to reading the gospel,
But in friendship they sailed towards each other in full rigging,
In full rigging.
Jean, Pierre, Paul and the rest,
And this was their only Litany,
Their Credo and their Confiteor,
Friends first of all.
Au moindre coup de Trafalgar,
C’est l’amitié qui prenait l’quart,
C’est elle qui leur montrait le nord,
Leur montrait le nord.
Et quand ils étaient en détresse,
Qu’leur bras lancaient des S.O.S.,
On aurait dit les sémaphores,
Les copains d’abord.
At the slightest hint of Trafalgar,
It was friendship which took over the watch,
That was what gave them their bearings,
Gave them their bearings.
And when they were in distress,
And their arms signalled SOS,
You would have said they were signalling
“Friends first of all.”
Au rendez-vous des bons copains,
Y’avait pas souvent de lapins,
Quand l’un d’entre eux manquait a bord,
C’est qu’il était mort.
Oui, mais jamais, au grand jamais,
Son trou dans l’eau n’se refermait,
Cent ans après, coquin de sort !
Il manquait encore.
When the mates met up,
It wasn’t often that one of them was missing,
If there was a gap, he must be dead,
He must be dead.
But never, absolutely never
Did the hole in the water close over him.
A hundred years later, would you believe it,
They would miss him still.
Des bateaux j’en ai pris beaucoup,
Mais le seul qui’ait tenu le coup,
Qui n’ait jamais viré de bord,
Mais viré de bord,
Naviguait en père peinard
Sur la grand-mare des canards,
Et s’app’lait les Copains d’abord
Les Copains d’abord.
I’ve boarded a lot of boats
But the only one which really stayed on course,
Which never got on the wrong tack,
Never got on the wrong tack,
Sailed along, taking it easy
On the big duck pond,
They called it Friends First,
Friends First.
© 1965 ED. MUSICALES 57
Texte et musique G. Brassens
© 2000 Dr. Ted Neather
This translation aims to convey
meaning and not attempt poetry or song.
 Find explanations regarding the meaning of the French expressions used in the song  here 

One Lovely Blog Award Post

"One Lovely Blog Award"

“One Lovely Blog Award”; Thanks Maarit-Johanna !  (click to access post)

Dear reader,

My blog has been nominated for ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ by Maarit-Johanna, who reminds us by the articles published at her Website, The World of Alexander the Great,  of the otherwise long gone, and forgotten by some, historical fact that history tends to repeat itself. Blessed are those who remember this simple atribute of life, time and space and live with an eye on the past, and the other on the pass, where the next foot will next touch the ground beneath.


1. Link back to the person who nominated you: Thank you for nominating my blog for this award Maarit-Johanna!  http://theworldofalexanderthegreat.wordpress.com/

2. Post the award image to your page

3. Tell 7 facts about yourself

1. I love nature

2. I was born in springtime and always adored the dizzying feeling of its return.

3. My favorite poets are Mihai Eminescu and Leonard Cohen

4. I consider Leonard Cohen to be the true voice of at least one generation, as a musician, philosopher, and poet: that  to which I belong, but his work will survive, and grow.

5. I quit smoking, April Fools Day, 1990, and never regreted it… seriously, never!

6. I like to observe (acknowledge) squirrels, and sometimes,  kites and other Identifiable Flying Objects (IFO).

7. I like to help other, especially when they are stranded (such as on the bike road, flat tire, no pump, that kind of thing): Yes it’s OK to use the one I carry around!

4. Nominate 15 other blogs

1.  Frizztext:  http://flickrcomments.wordpress.com

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Thank you to all of you who take time to read my blog !

Let Enjoy today, and hope and work towards a more luminous tomorrow!


Statue (my poetic thoughs)


When you notice a statue cry,
stop what we’re doing, look, listen, and try
To understand why does the statue cry.


Why does the marble cry, how does petrified wood,
No chemistry in it, all science put aside,
No theories…  Just  ask yourself:
What, what made the statue cry?

Jerome K. Jerome (1859-1927): On Life, Sadness, and Joy


I can see the humorous side of things and enjoy the fun when it comes; but look where I will, there seems to me always more sadness than joy in life.

Jerome K. Jerome (1859-1927) Discuss


Today’s Birthday: PAUL ADRIEN MAURICE DIRAC (1902)



Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac (1902)

Dirac was an influential English mathematician and theoretical physicist. In 1928, he published a version of quantum mechanics taking into account the theory of relativity. His theory predicted an antiparticle to the electron, and, in 1932, the positron was discovered. That year, Dirac was appointed to the same University of Cambridge chair once held by Isaac Newton. Likely autistic, Dirac was known for his precise nature and literal view of the world. How did he once introduce his wife? More… Discuss





2008 Summer Olympics Begin in Beijing, China (2008)

At 8:08 PM on 8-8-08, the opening ceremony for the Summer Olympics began. Held in the new Beijing National Stadium—nicknamed “the Bird’s Nest”—it marked China‘s first time hosting the Olympics. The nearly four-hour event, which showcased Chinese culture, was a popular and logistical success, and the games became one of the most-watched TV events in history. However, in the international torch relay before the opening ceremony, protests in what city caused the Olympic torch to be extinguished? More… Discuss





Referred Pain

Referred pain is a phenomenon in which pain is felt in an area of the body other than the part where it originated. One well-known example is the jaw, neck, or arm pain often felt during heart attacks, another is the shoulder pain associated with gallstones. A less serious example is “brain freeze,” a sudden headache sometimes triggered by eating cold foods. Scientists do not fully understand what causes referred pain, but it is thought to be related to what phenomenon experienced by amputees? More… Discuss


Great Gray Heron @ San Gabriel River Mile 2.5

Great Gray Heron @ San Gabriel River Mile 2.5

Great Gray Heron @ San Gabriel River Mile 2.5 (As I took my camera out of the backpack, the heron (who does not like too much attention took off…graciously