Who’s eating all from your plate? this pressed: Private Chat With Steve Forbes Turns Ugly



One of the perks of being the financial publisher at Newsmax is the opportunity to meet and work with various industry icons.

This past winter, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Steve Forbes during a trip to New York City. We met so I could get Steve’s take on politics, investing, and economics.

The conversation started out light, but when the topic of retirement came up, the talk got much darker.

Steve told me how the Federal Reserve’s recent policies are intentionally hurting seniors, how money managers are quietly walking away with up to 70% of investor returns, and how millions of baby boomers are destined to run out of money during their retirements.

Needless to say, the conversation got ugly, quick.

I readily agreed with Steve’s thoughts on the Federal Reserve, but I had to stop him when he said Wall Street money managers were walking away with up to 70% of investors’ profits.

If this were true, it was tantamount to outright theft.

And that’s when Steve showed me how hidden, compounding fees are gutting investor accounts without investors even realizing its happening — and worst of all, it’s 100% LEGAL!

Look, it’s one thing for big banks to get aggressive with deposit accounts, nickel-and-diming clients to death with check and ATM fees, but now we’re talking about Wall Street aggression against federally regulated retirement accounts.

That’s when Steve showed me how this fee compounding makes it mathematically impossible for Wall Street fund managers to outperform their benchmarks.

You may want to let that sink in for a minute. Whatever your financial adviser is telling you about your account performance is likely rigged.

But you have to see it for yourself to believe it.

Editor’s Note: Click Here to Watch This Exclusive Interview with Steve Forbes

Steve went on to show me how these fees compound within investor accounts and can easily “cut your returns in half or more.”

He said, “If you would normally have $100,000 [in your account], you could end up with, say, $30,000 or $40,000 because of what fees eat up.”

As Steve continued to expose the details, I told him our private chat needed to go “on the record.” We had to get this message out to as many people as possible.

And he agreed. But there was one condition — we both knew we couldn’t sound off publicly on a massive problem like this without also providing a solution.

So my team and I came up with a plan.

A plan that will allow anyone the chance to make incredible returns in the stock market — no matter their age, income, or investment experience.

And in the new video interview featuring Steve Forbes, we reveal this plan, and what you can do to ensure you don’t lose another cent to Wall Street’s greed.

But I have to warn you.

After witnessing the evidence Steve Forbes and my team have put together in this exclusive video, you will never look at investing the same way again.

And more importantly, once you see how easy it is to sidestep Wall Street’s greed machine, I think you’ll see why we believe we are about to turn Wall Street on its head.

Christian Hill

Financial Publisher

Newsmax Finance

via Private Chat With Steve Forbes Turns Ugly.

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