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Sports, What Are They For?

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Nowadays traditional group sport activities have evolved to become more and more dangerous with the passage of time. Half a century ago rarely would players get injures, due to the rules of the game, the built-in mechanism for safety was effectively enforced. But still human behavior, the code of sportsmanship was at a higher level of self respect, self preservation and discipline 
Therefore, seldom  would one see a soccer player stopping an attack by faulting anybody: Today it is more than a common occurrence. The same with all the other games, that involve passing, tagging, catching, and interacting with the opposing team (in other words games where teams are separated from direct attack upon each others’ players by…a net, or other positive barrier.
I was reading an article about the fact that football helmets are not build to protect the head and neck of players: So I said to myself, that once  again we’re blaming anything else but the illegal and unacceptable violence, outside of the rules of “engagement”, because one cannot call “game” something that is so violent as to leave people paralyzed from the neck down or even dead on the field due to a direct attach by another player: Young people trained, athletic and in perfect health.
Rugby, on the other hand does not call for helmets, other than the symbolic leather head covering, more like the pioneers of air flying were wearing from the beginning of the last  century. The following article, addresses my belief that violence in sports is anti-social behavior, leading to more violence, even among the audience, and that no outcome justifies these means.

El Dorado Regional Park: Standing Guard

el dorado regional park

 I gathered you here to reiterate this: There Will be absolutely no fishing!