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Buciumul Transilvanean

Şipotul – Zdârnâita în doi – Rogojana / Suite Of Carpathian Alpenhorns Tunes

Ceata De Feciori Margineni Fagaras: An Ancient Tradition In Fagaras Country, Romania

Ceata De la Margineni, Fagaras: La Multi Ani MMXI, din Downey California

Visit http://www.margineni.ro/,

One of the best Romanian websites, at least in Fagaras Country (Tara Fagarasului as it is known to us Romanians). Congratulations to the webmasters, Emil Maga and his Family
I am happy to have discovered them earlier this year, and reconnect with places I hold dear.

Sainte Bernardette

Bernadette of Lourdes – encyclopedia article about Bernadette of Lourdes.