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Monty Python Self Defence Class

Moral: Never attack with a banana.

Grigore Lese-O moarte, ce ti-as plati

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This song from the northernmost places in Transylvania is refered to my by my good friend, from the beautiful town of Oradea. I want to share it with the world, so it is  appreciated now, or when one would want to. Just as I kept alive memories from the past a verse, a musical phrase, a sound, a delicious dish, or the  aroma of the quinces lined up in the seal of the window from November to Christmas time, I know that where ever we may find ourselves, we all have deep in our hearts the oil candle of our first home, the first memories. So come along, one and all: Don’t have to take off your shoes, come to the warmth of our old traditions, rain or shine, day or night, the more we are the warmer it is, the more time you stay, the better we’ll get to know each other.

Thank You, Friends.