news: Poison Toad Invades Madagascar

Poison Toad Invades Madagascar

The Asian common toad, a relative of the cane toad that has devastated wildlife in Australia, has been spotted in Madagascar, raising concerns of an impending ecological disaster similar to that seen in Australia. The cane toad was intentionally introduced to Australia in the 1930s in an effort to control the population of an agricultural pest, but it produces a toxin that is deadly to the birds, mammals, and reptiles that prey on it too. It is thought that the poisonous Asian common toad may have reached Madagascar by stowing away on a cargo ship, as the first sightings took place in Toamasina, the island nation‘s main port. More… Discuss

As a commemoration of The 60th. anniversary of The Queen’s Coronation of Tuesday 2nd. June 1953 at Westminster Abbey I thought it appropriate to post the full version in one video of the much celebrated colour film chronicle of this most sacred & ancient event. (I’d hoped to have had this uploaded pre 2nd. June. Technical issues needed to be overcome before it could be posted. Although The Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend In NSW is still a fitting day for this posting.)

Westminster Abbey, officially The Collegiate Church Of St. Peter At Westminster, has been the location for every Coronation of all Sovereigns since William The Conqueror. (WiR 1066.)

While a few English/British Monarchs were Coroneted at these locations, they all have also been Crowed at Westminster Abbey since 1066 :

St. Marys Church Kingston, (some pre 1066 English Monarchs.)

Winchester Cathedral (Henry The Young King & RiR.)

Gloucester Cathedral, (HiiiR.)

Notre-Dame Cathedral Paris, (HviR.)

Kirk Of The Holy Rude Stirling Scotland, (JviR Of Scotland JiR Of England.)

Holyrood Abbey Scotland, (CiR.)

Scone Abbey Scotland, (CiiR.)

Titled A Queen Is Crowned this video covers every aspect of The Sovereign’s Coronation, so steeped in much recorded & indeed for those with a keen grasp of such things, un recorded generally known history. With faith & tradition touching on the most common man of The Realm to it’s most noble this film so eloquently narrated by the then Sir Laurence Olivier, includes at the beginning a stirring & touching view of Her Majesty’s domestic realms to some very wise, deep & meaningful commentary at the conclusion that in my book is just as worthy of abidance today as it was in 1953 !

No one can doubt that much has changed in this world since The Queen was Crowned, but at the same time there are many things that if one cares to look & forensically disseminate have not. One is Queen Elizabeth’s Style & Titles pertaining to The Realm in which I live, along with a number of other realms that would in the the address below insert their country for Australia.

Elizabeth The Second, By The Grace Of God Of The United Kingdom, Australia & Her Other Realms & Territories Queen, Head Of The Commonwealth, Defender Of The Faith.

I for one feel honoured, proud & privileged to be living at the time of our present Monarch knowing of her unyielding devotion to her duty at every level of her office, for now more than six decades & long may she reign as an example to us all. I’ve only seen her as one of many faces in a crowd, but am privy to know that Our Queen is quite simply a good woman, although her titles are undoubtedly of the most impressive nature, the title of good man or good woman is life’s most impressive & the most honourable any person can bestow on another in my view.

For viewers that wish to jump to the music, here are a number of time marks & a couple of links : –

56:03 Soldiers Of The Queen.

58:47 Heart of Oak. (You Tube Link To This) :

59:13 British Grenadiers.

1:02:22 Soldiers Of The Queen.

1:03:42 Waltzing Matilda. (You Tube Link To This) :

1:04:55 God Defend New Zealand.

1:05:14 Soldiers Of The Queen.

1:06:33 A Life On The Ocean Wave.

1:10:30 Sarie Marais.

1:11:09 The Maple Leaf For Ever. (You Tube Link To This) :

1:18:01 Land Of Hope & Glory.

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