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news: It’s a Vast World After All

It’s a Vast World After All

The world’s population currently stands at 7.2 billion and is projected to rise to between 9.6 and 12.3 billion by the end of this century. Earlier estimates had forecast a leveling off of world population around 2050, but higher-than-expected birth rates in sub-Saharan Africa mean the number of people on the planet will likely continue to rise instead. In Africa alone, the population is expected to rise from the current 1 billion to between 3.5 and 5.1 billion by 2100. More… Discuss

In the News: India Offering Prizes to Sterilization Volunteers

India Offering Prizes to Sterilization Volunteers

Many Indian government officials are worried about the country’s growing population, which is expected to overtake that of China by 2030. In an effort to lower birth rates, health officials in the state of Rajasthan are launching a new campaign to encourage residents to voluntarily undergo sterilization. As compensation, these volunteers will be entered into a lottery drawing, giving them the chance to win prizes including motorcycles, televisions, blenders, and even a Tata Nano—the world’s cheapest car. More… Discuss