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Pregnancy Linked to Elevated Crash Risk

Pregnancy Linked to Elevated Crash Risk

Pregnant women may want to keep off the roads after learning this statistic: women in their second trimester are 42 percent more likely to be involved in a car crash that sends them to the hospital than they were prior to becoming pregnant. Why this is remains to be determined, but researchers suspect that the physical effects of pregnancy at this stage—fatigue, nausea, anxiety, mood fluctuations—can lead to distractedness behind the wheel. More… Discuss

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CRASH RISK CUT IN COFFEE-DRINKING TRUCKERS (It’s long hours behind the wheel not coffee that put truckers life at risk)

Crash Risk Cut in Coffee-Drinking Truckers

Driving when tired is unquestionably dangerous, but when one’s livelihood hangs in the balance, it is sometimes difficult to do the responsible thing and pull over. Still, about 70 percent of the truckerssurveyed in a recent Australian study said that they do just that when they feel fatigued. Drinking coffee or other caffeine-containing beverages is another, though likely less effective, way to boost alertness behind the wheel and reduce crash risk. Researchers found that truckers who consumed caffeine to keep from dozing while driving were 63 percent less likely to have an accident than those who did not. More…Discuss

“It’s long hours behind the wheel not coffee that put truckers life at risk”

Always further victimize the victim!