Dvorak: Legends Op. 59 (Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, David Zinman conductor)


A set of 10 rather light but very evocative orchestral pieces. They were originally written for piano duets and orchestrated a few months later. I enjoy the original version too, but I think the orchestra’s wider range of tone color do enhance the pieces quite a lot.

No. 1: Allegretto (0:09)
No. 2: Molto moderato (3:45)
No. 3: Allegro giusto – Andante – Allegro giusto (8:09)
No. 4: Molto maestoso (12:23)
No. 5: Allegro giusto (18:41)
No. 6: Allegro con moto – Moderato – Tempo I (23:10)
No. 7: Allegro grazioso – Poco piu mosso – Tempo I (28:15)
No. 8: Un poco allegretto grazioso (31:03)
No. 9: Andante con moto (34:50)
No. 10: Andante (37:33)


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