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Composed By Elmer Bernstein

Composed By Fumio Hayasaka

Great Western Movie Themes: O.K. Corral City of Prague Phiharmonic Orchestra


Where in the World are ‘Morals’?

COTO Report

By Robert C. Koehler
COTO Report

My favorite quote was from the British government spokesperson, who assured us: “All ammunition used by UK armed forces falls within international humanitarian law and is consistent with the Geneva Convention.”

Tears come to my eyes as I think about the kindness of coalition bullets, the empathy of coalition bombs — unlike, I’m certain, the ammo used by terrorists, which is cruel, which hates our way of life and wants only to destroy it.

Forgive me the sarcasm. Another study has come out, this one underwritten by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Michigan, linking the U.S.-British war in Iraq with a hideous, heartbreaking and “staggering” increase in birth defects in areas of the country where bombing and heavy fighting occurred.

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Try and Fail

Source of Inspiration

Try and fail
Try again
Failure repeats
Alone we are
Doomed to this
Endless cycle

We reach for the
hand of another
then another until
we connect with all

Our voices call on
our Creator to show
us the way. The Light
surrounds and fills
illuminating the path
of love. At last we
are home, one with All.

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CATO Institute (Access Here)

CATO Institute

CATO Institute (Access Here)

The Libertarian Vote: Swing Voters, Tea Parties, and the Fiscally Conservative, Socially Liberal Center

The dominating theme of political commentary over the past decade has been that we are a nation divided – polarized, red vs. blue, liberal vs. conservative. But millions of American voters don’t fit neatly into liberal and conservative boxes. In their new ebookDavid BoazDavid Kirby, andEmily Ekins reveal that 10 to 20 percent of Americans are fiscally conservative and socially liberal-libertarian. And over the past decade, unlike loyal Democrats and Republicans, they have been swing voters.

TEDxNYED – Lawrence Lessig – 03/06/10

Lawrence Lessig is the director of the Edmond J. Safra Foundation Center for Ethics, and a Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. Prior to returning to Harvard, he was a professor at Stanford Law School, where he founded the schools Center for Internet and Society, and at the University of Chicago. He clerked for Judge Richard Posner on the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals and Justice Antonin Scalia on the United States Supreme Court

About TEDx, x = independently organized event 

In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)


Free Culture Movement (from Wikipedia)

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For other uses, see Free Culture.

Lawrence Lessig standing at a podium with a microphone, with a laptop computer in front of him.

Lawrence Lessig in front of a laptop labeled “free culture”

The free culture movement is a social movement that promotes the freedom to distribute and modify creative works in the form offree content[1][2] by using the Internet and other forms of media.

The movement objects to overly-restrictive copyright laws. Many members of the movement argue that such laws hinder creativity. They call this system “permission culture“.[3]

Creative Commons is a well-known website which was started by Lawrence Lessig. It lists licenses that permit sharing under various conditions, and also offers an online search of various creative-commons-licensed productions.


Get his book for free as PDF at: http://www.free-culture.cc/freecontent/

Get his book for free as PDF at: http://www.free-culture.cc/freecontent/

Get his book for free as PDF at: http://www.free-culture.cc/freecontent/

A presentation given by Stanford Law professor and founder of Creative Commons, Lawrence Lessig, about his book “Free Culture”.
OSCON July 24, 2002

1- Creativity and innovation always builds on the past.
2- The past always tries to control the creativity that builds upon it.
3- Free societies enable the future by limiting the past.
4.- Ours is less and less a free society.

Quotation: Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) on selfishness

Nothing is so hard for those who abound in riches as to conceive how others can be in want.

Jonathan Swift (1667-1745) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: ANGELICA KAUFFMANN (1741)

Angelica Kauffmann (1741)

Swiss-born painter Angelica Kauffman studied art in Italy as a child. She was a protégée of Joshua Reynolds, who took her to London in 1766. Two years later, Reynolds became the first president of the Royal Academy and Kauffman one of the founding members. She became known for her decorative work and her portraits of female sitters. Returning to Italy, she flourished in artistic and literary circles. In 1775, how did a fellow member of the Royal Academy ridicule her and Reynolds in a painting? More… Discuss

Peintre et graphiste autodidacte, portraitiste surdouée, Angelica KAUFFMANN voyage avec son père pour parfaire sa formation notamment en copiant les oeuvres de peintres classiques.
Musique : Mozart Quintette en ut majeur K 115 – Allegro
De 1766 jusqu’en 1781, elle habita Londres où elle fut la seule femme reçue à l’Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts. Artiste précoce elle fut dans le domaine du portrait puis des thèmes mythologiques et historiques.
En Italie, elle a fasciné le peuple, la haute société et les poètes.
Elle était pour GOETHE “La dame inestimable”.
Délicatesse, finesse, charme et élégance caractérisent son oeuvre.


This Day in the Yesteryear: HENRY VII IS CROWNED KING OF ENGLAND (1485)

Henry VII Is Crowned King of England (1485)

As a noble from the House of Lancaster, Henry fled England when the rival House of York triumphed in 1471. He later returned, rallied his supporters, and defeated Richard III in 1485. He then married Elizabeth of York and ended the Wars of the Roses between the two houses. Plots against him persisted, and two years later, Yorkists rebelled in support of Lambert Simnel, a boy they claimed was the Earl of Warwick. The rebellion was crushed by Henry’s forces. What did Henry do with young Lambert? More… Discuss



Hurricane Sandy Pounds East Coast of US

After sweeping through the Caribbean, where she claimed the lives of at least 60 people, Hurricane Sandy turned her ferocity on the Eastern US, battering the coast with strong winds and driving rain. A rare confluence of weather events—a hurricane meeting up with a winter storm coming from the west—gave Sandy extra punch as she made landfall in the Northeast. In anticipation of the “Frankenstorm,” several major public transportation systems were shut down, thousands of flights were canceled, and thousands of people were evacuated from their homes. The full extent of Sandy’s damage has yet to be assessed, but the final tally could be in the tens of billions of dollars. More… Discuss




Minimally toxic to humans and known for its antibiotic properties, silver has historically been used in a variety of medical and industrial applications. However, prolonged exposure to silver can result in argyria, a permanent slate-gray or bluish discoloration of the skin, mucous membranes, and internal organs. Though the condition is not harmful, it is irreversible and, in some cases, very noticeable. What American politician took on a bluish tint after consuming a homemade silver concoction? More… Discuss