If you do not vote you hurt yourself if you do not vote you hurtme Oh you mean to which party I should vote Choir Adriano: if do not vote you’re hurting They promise only lies Chorus Adriano: you’re hurting And now the policy is as sport Let’s cheer for who betrays us Chorus Adriano: if you do not vote you hurt no more harm to those governments women who leave are more than a hundred years in a women die Chorus + Adriano murdered (eco)From those husbands and fathers insane with jealousy Choir Adriano: if you do not vote you’re hurting Merde without an ounce of dignity Choir Adriano: dignity (echo) And then there’s the Molise region are killing Bombed like a gruyere Choir Adriano: you’re hurting from those ghosts wind that moves the wind Chorus Adriano: if you do not vote you’re hurting And if goes another piece of Italy is the end of landscapes Choir Adriano: if you do not vote you’re hurting But it seems that still is not enough to completely destroy the coveted federalism Other propellers on the blades will whirl Adriano (spoken) Of course not we can say that the time is not confused, while the shepherd to his flock save the earth-shaking scandals emerge unfortunately dangerous words, words like … amnesty. Chorus + Adriano: Tombstone (echo) And here it is obvious that politicians are light years away from what really understand the reasons for this crisis. Yet we walk on. Italy is now reduced to a concrete slab, equivalent to a funeral pall on which lurk the dangerous fine dust of corruption. So what do we do? There is no other way to resolve the crisis, we have to erase all that sad, tear up the bad straccerebbe Italy as a letter written by men liars and full of errors, but also full of deceit. So we can do is to rewrite the history of our country and do it all over again, ie rebuild it from scratch, rebuild it physically … again. If you do not vote does not change anything if you do not vote come back again Chorus Adriano: if you do not vote you’re hurting more evil than that they are stealing the world Chorus Adriano: you’re hurting But it is rumored that one of the parties there Chorus: there (echo) There is a new wave that has started from nothing and like an avalanche He is advancing like a storm to break down the corruption of the nationChorus: eee Choir Adriano: if you do not vote you hurt Eee until the City of Venice will not stop the monsters That giant floating ships that seem Horrible palaces What devastate the lagoon But politicians do not realize That when the beauty will die They will be the first to sink Choir Adriano: if you do not votes does not change anything Chorus: eee


Adriano Celentano canta la nuova canzone
Se non voti ti fai del male
 se non voti non cambia nientediCresy Crescenza Caradonna



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  1. Celentano – probably no connection but this brand frozen pasta the very best for cavatelli, ravioli, etc.


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