Is It Real? Superhuman Powers – National Geographic HD Full Documentary ***

s it Real examines the possibility of human beings with extraordinary power. It investigates Sufi mystics, Yoga masters, and Chi manipulators.

Superhuman strength is said to come from energy. Are there people who can really harness this “force” or energy to transcend our human limitations?

4 responses to “Is It Real? Superhuman Powers – National Geographic HD Full Documentary ***

  1. very interesting post, george!
    ive been to india many times, and during one visit myself and a couple friends went to see a tantric yogi perform miracles…its a long story, but i’ll try to keep it very short…his show was due to start at 12 noon (why do dramatic things have to always be at high noon..!!)…we went into the big marquee at 1130 to be assured of a good seat…when we got in the tent was full but we managed to get good seats…we waited and waited…our watches showed it to be 1230…still no yogi…at 1245, when everyone was howling for their money back, the yogi appeared on stage….everyone was angry at him for keeping them waiting….he asked what the matter was…he came at the advertised time….everyone said he was 45 mins late….to which he asked us to look at our watches…and sure enough, al our watches were showing the time as 12noon…..and that was the end of the show…but the even weirder thing was, when we all came out of the tent, all of our watches showed the time to be 1250pm….what happened here..had we travelled back in time…or been in another parallel place…or had the yogi warped our minds when we were in the tent? so, george…i dont know about superhuman strength, but what happened in that tent i still cannot fathom…!


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