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Luigi Boccherini String Quintets Op.39, La Magnifica Comunita

Luigi Boccherini String Quintets Op.39 For 2 Violins, Viola, Cello & Double Bass

Quintet In B Flat G337 0:00
1. I. Andante Lento 
2. II. Allegro Vivo – Tempo Di Minuetto – Tempo I 
3. III. Rondeau: Allegro Ma Non Tanto – Tempo Di Minuetto – Tempo I 

Quintet In F G338 14:45
4. I. Allegro Vivo Non Presto 
5. II. Adagio Non Tanto 
6. III. Minuetto, Trio 
7. IV. Finale: Allegro Vivo 

Quintet In D G339 34:40
8. I. Allegro Vivo 
9. II. Pastorale: Amoroso Ma Non Lento 
10. III. Finale: Presto


Percy Grainger: Irish Tune From County Derry performed by the University of North Texas

Franz Schubert – Piano Sonata in D major, Op. 53, D 850 “Gasteiner”

Frank van de Laar, piano.
Franz Schubert – Piano Sonata in D major, D 850 (Op. 53) “Gasteiner”
I. Allegro vivace
II. Con moto
III. Scherzo, allegro vivace
IV. Rondo, allegro moderato

Maurice Ravel – Introduction & Allegro for Harp, Flute, Clarinet & String Quartet

Introduction & Allegro for harp, flute, clarinet & string quartet (1905)

Stuttgart Chamber Music Ensemble

The Introduction and Allegro (1905) is one of the few pieces by Ravel that has remained more or less in the shadows — save in the minds of harpists — throughout the last century. Continue reading

Glenn Gould – Brahms Intermezzo no:2 in A major Op. 118

Karl Goldmark – Sakuntala Overture, Op. 13 (1865)

Sakuntala – Overture for Orchestra, Op. 13 (1865)

A concert overture by Hungarian composer Karl Goldmark (1830-1915), based on the story of Shakuntala from the Indian epic Mahabharata. In this episode of the tale, Shakuntala is the daughter of Vishwamitra and the apsara Menaka, but she is abandoned and reared by the wise sage Kanva, who lives in a secluded hermitage. She grows up to be a lovely, though naive young woman. One day, while Kanva is away on a pilgrimage with the sages of the hermitage, Dushyanta, king of Hastinapura, happens upon the hermitage while out hunting, and he falls in love with Shakuntala. He gives her a signet ring and asks her to come to see him at his court. When the irritable sage Durvasa returns with Kanva from the pilgrimage and discovers what had passed, he curses Shakuntala and casts a spell that causes Dushyanta to forget about her existence. The only way for Shakuntala to reverse the curse is to go directly to the King and show him the signet ring. On her way to the palace, Shakuntala loses the ring while crossing a river. When she arrives at the King’s court, he has no recollection of her and orders her to leave. Alone and disconsolate, Shakuntala returns to the hermitage. Meanwhile, the ring had been swallowed by a fish, and by coincidence, a fisherman caught the fish and brought the ring to the King. He realizes his mistake, but it is too late – he must go to war with the Titans. Many years later, after returning from the war, Dushyanta passes through the same forest; he recognizes Shakuntala playing with their son.

Conductor: András Korodi
Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra


New at euzicasa: Widget – Public Catalogue Foundation (access from here)

Public Catalogue Foundation (access from here)

Public Catalogue Foundation (access from here)

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Is It Real? Superhuman Powers – National Geographic HD Full Documentary ***

s it Real examines the possibility of human beings with extraordinary power. It investigates Sufi mystics, Yoga masters, and Chi manipulators.

Superhuman strength is said to come from energy. Are there people who can really harness this “force” or energy to transcend our human limitations?

National Geographic – Earth’s Giant Hole

Maya Underworld: The Real Doomsday (National Geographic)

Published on Dec 9, 2012

Venturing into vast underwater graveyards of Mayan human sacrifices in Mexico, journalist Diego Buñuel searches for new revelations about the infamous upcoming doomsday. Using groundbreaking National Geographic technology, Diego and a team of archaeologists will literally light up the abyss to explore these underwater tombs and gain key insight into why some believe the Maya may have predicted an impending apocalypse.

Photographing Lions With Technology

National Geographic photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols and videographer Nathan Williamson used a remote-controlled helicopter and a small robot tank to capture unique images of Serengeti lions.

Read the article from National Geographic News:

Explore the interactive Serengeti lions experience online:

Read the story in National Geographic Magazine:

Democracy Now! U.S. and World News Headlines for Wednesday, August 21

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The Surveillance Reforms Obama Supported Before He Was President – ProPublica


The Surveillance Reforms Obama Supported Before He Was President – ProPublica.

Out of Order – ProPublica


Out of Order – ProPublica.

F.A.Q. on U.S. Aid to Egypt:  Where Does the Money Go, And How Is It Spent? – ProPublica

F.A.Q. on U.S. Aid to Egypt:  Where Does the Money Go, And How Is It Spent? – ProPublica.

What NSA Transparency Looks Like – ProPublica


What NSA Transparency Looks Like – ProPublica.

AIUK : Bradley Manning case: Obama should commute sentence to time already served


AIUK : Bradley Manning case: Obama should commute sentence to time already served.

Beyond Bradley Manning: The Government Has Made Its Point (UPDATED) | American Civil Liberties Union

Beyond Bradley Manning: The Government Has Made Its Point (UPDATED) | American Civil Liberties Union.

Antonio Vivaldi – Mandolin Concerti

Ugo Orlandi, Dorina Frati; Claudio Scimone: I Solisti Veneti

Great Piano Concertos – Adrian Aeschbacher plays Beethoven Concerto No. 1 in C major Op. 15

Great Piano Concertos – Adrian Aeschbacher plays Beethoven Concerto No. 1 in C major Op. 15
cond. Wilhelm Furtwängler (recorded 1947)

Quotation: Homer on life renewed

Men come and go as leaves year by year upon the trees. Those of autumn the wind sheds upon the ground, but when spring returns the forest buds forth with fresh vines.

Homer (900 BC-800 BC) Discuss


Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon (1930)

The younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Margaret was a somewhat controversial member of the royal family, mainly as a result of her turbulent love life. She called off her first engagement, to a divorcee 16 years her senior, when it became clear that marrying him would mean renouncing her right of succession. A few years later, she wed photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, but rumors of her infidelities abounded, and they eventually divorced. With whom did she supposedly stray? More… Discuss



Philippine Opposition Leader Benigno Aquino, Jr., Is Assassinated (1983)

Aquino, leader of the Philippines‘ Liberal Party, was planning to run for president in 1972 when Ferdinand Marcos, the incumbent, declared martial law and had Aquino arrested on inflated charges. Aquino served eight years in prison, at one point demonstrating against his sentence with a 40-day hunger strike. In 1980, he was released to go to the US for heart-bypass surgery. After three years in exile, he returned to the Philippines and was immediately assassinated. Why had Aquino gone back? More… Discuss




The 1975 New Columbia Encyclopedia hails Lillian Virginia Mountweazel as a fountain designer and photographer renowned for her photos of rural mailboxes. Her entry notes that she was killed in an explosion while on assignment for Combustiblesmagazine. Alas, the amusing entry is fictitious. Incorrect articles purposely placed in reference works like dictionaries and encyclopedias have since become known as “Mountweazels.” What legitimate purpose do these entries serve? More… Discuss