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Mendelssohn, Felix – Songs Without Words Op 19 No 1 in E major Sweet Remembrance

Vi Nguyen, 9 yrs old, playing Mendelssohn, Felix – Songs Without Words Op 19 No 1 in E major Sweet Remembrance

Chiara Morandi plays Bach – Violin concerto in E major, BWV 1042

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750): 
Concerto per violino in Mi maggiore BWV1042
Violin concerto in E major – BWV1042

1°mov: Allegro – [1:23]
2°mov: Adagio – [9:35]
3°mov: Allegro assai – [15:00]

Orchestra da Camera “Benedetto Marcello
Direttore: Federico Bardazzi
Violino Solista: Chiara Morandi

Firenze, 10/3/2012 (Salone dei Cinquecento di Palazzo Vecchio)


Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf – Harp Concerto in A major – I. Allegro molto

Jana Bouskova, harp. Südwestdeutsches Kammerorchester Pforzheim, Vladislav Czarnecki

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Viola & Orchestra in E flat major, KV 364

Gil Sharon, violin. Yuri Gandelsman, viola. Amati Chamber Orchestra, Gil Sharon.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Viola & Orchestra in E flat major, KV 364
I. Allegro maestoso
II. Andante
III. Presto

Felix Mendelssohn – A Midsummer Night’s Dream ARR for piano 4-hands

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (1809 – 1847)
A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Arr for piano 4 Hands
(Overture Op.21 from 1826
Incidental music Op.61 from 1842)

Artists: Silver – Garburg Piano Duo
Arranger: Unknown
Tracks / Spår:

1. 00:00 Overture / Ouvertyr
2. 11:38 Scherzo
3. 16:03 March of the Elves
4. 17:13 Song with Chorus / Sång med kör: You Spotted Snakes
5. 20:56 Intermezzo
6. 24:21 Notturno
7. 30:52 Wedding march / Bröllopsmarsch
8. 36:19 Feneral march / Sorgmarsch
9. 37:21 The dance of the clowns / Clown-dansen
10. 38:45 Final


Joseph Haydn – Symphony No. 48 in C major “Maria Theresia”

Joseph Haydn

Symphony No. 48 “Maria Theresia”
in C major / C-Dur / en ut majeur

Austro-Hungarian Haydn Orchestra, Adam Fischer

Quotation: Oscar Wilde

My own business always bores me to death. I prefer other people’s.

Oscar Wilde (1854-1900) Discuss

Today’s Birthday: VIRGINIA CLEMM POE (1822)

Virginia Clemm Poe (1822)

When she was just 13, Virginia Clemm married her first cousin Edgar Allan Poe, who was 14 years her senior. For years, scholars have debated about the nature of this relationship, which was cut short when Virginia tragically died of tuberculosis at 24. Edgar was clearly smitten by his young bride—and muse—and was devastated by her death. Still, some believe that the two were more like siblings than spouses and never actually consummated their marriage. What has led them to this conclusion? More… Discuss


This Day in the Yesteryear: CAMEROON’S LAKE MONOUN EXPLODES, SUFFOCATING 37 (1984)

Cameroon’s Lake Monoun Explodes, Suffocating 37 (1984)

The explosion at Cameroon’s Lake Monoun, which killed 37 people, at first baffled investigators. It was only after a similar event at nearby Lake Nyos two years later claimed the lives of 1,700 people that experts determined that high concentration of carbon dioxide in the lakes had caused the suffocating limnic eruptions. Venting pipes were inserted into Lake Monoun to remove the gas and prevent future eruptions. How many lakes in the world are susceptible to this sort of deadly gas release? More… Discuss


Surgeon Allegedly Stole Drugs from Patients’ Stomach

surgeon who operated on a drug mule to remove packets of heroin from his stomach may well have saved the man’s life, but instead of being hailed a hero, he is facing up to 15 years in prison. His crime? Stealing some of the drugs he was charged with extracting. The doctor came under suspicion after one of the heroin packets turned up missing. It turns out he had been investigated for illegal drug possession in the past, and when he was detained this time, he was found not only to have five grams of heroin on his person but also to be in a state of narcotic intoxication. More… Discuss


Dead Man’s Switch

A dead man’s switch is an emergency brake that automatically activates to stop a vehicle or machine in the event that the operator becomes incapacitated. This sort of safety measure became necessary with the advent of electric trains, since they cut the number of required operators down to one, and has become standard in numerous devices, including snowblowers, lawn mowers, and saws. Though developed as a fail-safe, a dead man’s switch can sometimes be a “fail-deadly,” as when built into what? More…Discuss