Acrobatics @ Huntington Beach (from my photos)

Acrobatics @ Huntington Beach

Acrobatics @ Huntington Beach

8 responses to “Acrobatics @ Huntington Beach (from my photos)

  1. Love your shots of Huntington Beach. My parents used to live there and I get back often enough. Maybe this winter…


    • I’m sure you’ll find it as adorable as the day you left: It is a great town, so full of life, and surfing! Thanks for you kind commnent, I di denjoy visiting the beachtreasuresandtreasurebeaches a lot: wonderful content and charming theme!


      • Oops.. that should have been “I don’t get back often enough.” Thank you for stopping by, too! I do appreciate it.


      • Wonderful…And no, it does not mean a thing!, I guess i just enjoy a lot biking there each weekend, as I live close enough> Each time somthing was on: The US surfing Open, the Kite festival, shows, and so much more! Thanks for commenting and feedback!


  2. He’s a better man than I, Gunga Din 🙂


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