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Monastery of the Martyrs Saint Behnam and his Sister Sara (Order: Siriac Catholic Church – Monastery)

Mar Behnam Monastery




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Monastery of the Martyrs Saint Behnam and his Sister Sara

Entrance of the monastery
Mar Behnam Monastery is located in Iraq

Mar Behnam Monastery
Location within Iraq


Monastery information
Order Syriac Catholic Church
Established 4th century
Dedicated to Mar Behnam, Mart Sara
Location near Beth Khdeda
Coordinates 36.137778°N 43.406389°E

Monastery of the Martyrs Saint Behnam and his Sister Sarah (Syriac: ܕܝܪܐ ܪܡܪܝ ܒܗܢܡ ܘܡܪܬ ܣܪܐ, Arabic: دير مار بهنام‎, Mar Behnam Monastery), is a Syriac Catholic monastery in northern Iraq close to the town of Beth Khdeda.


The monastery was built in the 4th century by an Assyrian king named Senchareb as a penance for killing his son Behnam and daughter Sarah after they converted to Christianity.[1]

The monastery, after its establishment continued its work and contributed greatly to the Christian world under the care of the Syriac Orthodox Church. Sculptures in the church show that renovations were done in 1164 and between 1250-1261. Records show that the monastery suffered greatly during the period from 1743 – 1790 which is due to attacks carried out by Nader Shah against the Christians in the region.[2]

The monks of the monastery established contact with Rome in the 18th century, which led to the gradual conversion of inhabitants of Beth Khdeda to the Syriac Catholic Church.[3]

In 1790 the monastery was taken over by the Catholic Church and was managed for 8 years until the Syriac Orthodox church took it back. For some unknown reason, the monks abandoned the monastery in 1819. The monastery changed hands again to the Syriac Catholic Church in 1839, which has cared for it to present time.

The monastery belonged to the Church of the East for at least 10 centuries, which is attested to by rare Turkic inscriptions from the 13th century left by Mongol pilgrims. Before turning to the hand of the Syriac Orthodox Church, the whole region converted to Monophysitism and the monastery became the residence as well as the resting place of a number of Syriac Orthodox Patriarchs.[3]

The monastery was renovated in 1986, and is visited by thousands of Christians and Muslims yearly.[1] During the 2014 Northern Iraq offensive jihadist troops of ISIL took control of the monastery.[4]




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Serge Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf. Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. (make music part of your life series)


The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra‘s music director Bramwell Tovey does double duty as conductor and narrator in this delightfully entertaining performance. It’s the final work on a program that introduces listeners young and old to the various instruments and sections of the orchestra. Also featured are popular favourites from Star Wars, the Nutcracker Suite and Pictures at an Exhibition.

Politically Correct: Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky

Chomsky” redirects here. For other uses, see Chomsky (disambiguation).
Noam Chomsky

On a visit to Vancouver, British Columbia in 2004
Born December 7, 1928 (age 85)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Other names Avram Noam Chomsky
Alma mater University of Pennsylvania (B.A.) 1949, (M.A.) 1951, (Ph.D.) 1955
Era 20th / 21st-century philosophy
Region Western philosophy
School Generative linguistics, Analytic philosophy
Institutions MIT (1955–present)
Main interests Linguistics ·
Philosophy of language
Philosophy of mind
Politics · Ethics
Notable ideas

Avram Noam Chomsky (/ˈnm ˈɒmski/; born December 7, 1928) is an American linguist, philosopher,[20][21] cognitive scientist, logician,[22][23][24] political commentator and activist. Sometimes described as the “father of modern linguistics”,[25][26] Chomsky is also a major figure in analytic philosophy.[20] He has spent most of his career at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he is currently Professor Emeritus, and has authored over 100 books. He has been described as a prominent cultural figure, and was voted the “world’s top public intellectual” in a 2005 poll.[27]

Born to a middle-class Ashkenazi Jewish family in Philadelphia, Chomsky developed an early interest in anarchism from relatives in New York City. He later undertook studies in linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania, where he obtained his BA, MA, and PhD, while from 1951 to 1955 he was appointed to Harvard University‘s Society of Fellows. In 1955 he began work at MIT, soon becoming a significant figure in the field of linguistics for his publications and lectures on the subject. He is credited as the creator or co-creator of the Chomsky hierarchy, the universal grammar theory, and the Chomsky–Schützenberger theorem. Chomsky also played a major role in the decline of behaviorism, and was especially critical of the work of B.F. Skinner.[28][29] In 1967 he gained public attention for his vocal opposition to U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, in part through his essay The Responsibility of Intellectuals, and came to be associated with the New Left while being arrested on multiple occasions for his anti-war activism. While expanding his work in linguistics over subsequent decades, he also developed the propaganda model of media criticism with Edward S. Herman. Following his retirement from active teaching, he has continued his vocal public activism, praising the Occupy movement for example.

Chomsky has been a highly influential academic figure throughout his career, and was cited within the field of Arts and Humanities more often than any other living scholar between 1980 and 1992. He was also the eighth most cited scholar overall within the Arts and Humanities Citation Index during the same period.[30][31][32][33] His work has influenced fields such as artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computer science, logic, mathematics, music theory and analysis, political science, programming language theory and psychology.[32][33][34][35][36] Chomsky continues to be well known as a political activist, and a leading critic of U.S. foreign policy, state capitalism, and the mainstream news media. Ideologically, he aligns himself with anarcho-syndicalism and libertarian socialism.[37]

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today’s holiday: Fasinada


Fasinada is a commemoration of the tiny island of Gospa od Skrpjela (Our Lady of the Chisels) off Montenegro. The island, according to the story, was once nothing more than a rock; sailors dumped stones there until an island was formed, and in the 17th century a church was built on the pile of rocks. The festival includes a procession to the island of boats decorated with garlands of flowers and loaded with rocks. The rocks are piled up to reinforce the shores of the island, and then the participants enjoy folk dancing and country sports and games. More… Discuss

quotation: Everyone is more or less master of his own fate. Aesop

Everyone is more or less master of his own fate.

Aesop (620 BC-560 BC) Discuss

today’s birthday: Oscar de la Renta (1932)

Oscar de la Renta (1932)

A Dominican-born American fashion designer, de la Renta has strongly influenced the fashion world since the 1960s. His designs encompass everything from bathing suits to wedding dresses, furs, perfumes, and linens, and he is known for his luxurious ready-to-wear fashions. After studies in Santo Domingo and Madrid, he began his career as staff designer for leading couturier Cristobal Balenciaga. He then moved to New York to design for Elizabeth Arden, following whose advice? More… Discuss

this day in history: John Dillinger Killed by the FBI (1934)

John Dillinger Killed by the FBI (1934)

During a nine-year stint in Indiana state prisons for a 1924 holdup, Dillinger learned the craft of bank robbery from his fellow inmates. After being paroled in 1933, he went on to commit five bank robberies in four months. Captured by police yet again, Dillinger escaped jail twice and was named “public enemy number one” by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). His run came to an end when FBI agents shot him to death outside a Chicago theater. Who lured Dillinger to the ambush site? More… Discuss

Careful…Someone’s Watching

Careful…Someone’s Watching

A new UK law requiring Internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile companies to store user data reflects a growing and worrisome trend of mass surveillance by governments. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, whose off ice released a report concerning the issue, expressed concern that such government-approved programs are becoming “a dangerous habit rather than an exceptional measure” and that more needs to be done to ensure that people’s personal freedoms are protected. More… Discuss

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The Hanging Gardens were one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. According to legend, Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar II built the gardens around 600 BCE to soothe his wife, who was homesick for her mountainous homeland. Though extensively documented by ancient historians, no extant Babylonian texts mention the gardens, and there is little physical evidence of their existence. Alternative theories suggest that the gardens were built by the Assyrian king Sennacherib near what modern city? More… Discuss

word: clairvoyance


Definition: (noun) Apparent power to perceive things that are not present to the senses.
Synonyms: ESP, extrasensory perception, second sight
Usage: The police officer doubted my clairvoyance until I was able to lead him to the missing woman’s remains. Discuss.

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